Pardon: Because People Can Change

The right man in the wrong place, at the wrong time can make all the difference in the world. Getting caught with a position you might’ve arrived at through a series of unfortunate events is a nightmare no one in their right mind would want.

pardon services
pardon services

Canada is one of those liberal countries that understand people are capable of change and can turn things around for them and those around them. Pardon services in Canada allow your criminal records to be overseen, providing everyone an opportunity to turn over a new leaf. A lot of good people can get criminally charged for offences such as driving under influence and drugs. Most addicts in their rock bottom turn to theft, mischief, and even assault to sustain their addiction, and after getting charged for the felonies or misdemeanors they were rightfully accused of, they eventually become clean during their prison sentence. However, life can never be the same for these people.

With a criminal record on their profile, they can’t be socially accepted again. For such people, who are willing to make positive changes in their life now that they’re clean and out, but can’t find employment due to their past criminal record hanging on them like an ugly scar, there’s nowhere to turn to. Consequently, most of them fall back into drugs but thankfully, such eligible people can wipe their slate clean once again with a Pardon.

A granted pardon does not mean that the past criminal offense has been give completely forgiven; if one has stayed out of trouble long enough, it restore’s the person’s civil rights allowing them to live their new corrected life normally. Here are a few cases that reflect the wholesome importance and potential of the pardon.

Lawbreaker to lawyer: Daniel Manville spent three years and four months in the prison for manslaughter. He utilized his time there productively, reading more about the law, and consequently earned two college degrees. Right after his parole, he went to law school and eventually passed the bar exams. He practiced law to improve the prison system and defended many civil cases. Now, Manville teaches law at Michigan State University where he inspires students’ to bring positive changes in their life.

Drug dealer to success story: Uchendi Nwani was a very bright student in college but dealt drugs under the table for money. Consumed by greed, the deals started growing bigger and bigger, until one day, a million dollar worth of cocaine shipment was caught by the police after which Nwani turned himself in. After his prison sentence, he made a living by working at a barber shop at a university, and later opened his own barber shop that became successful. Nwani now travels around the world inspiring people not to give up no matter how low they sink because change is always a choice.

Ex convict to chess aficionado: Eugene Brown mixed with the wrong people during his early years and eventually ended up in the slammer for a failed bank robbery attempt. There, he often played chess with his future mentor named Massey, bringing him to the epiphany of how he ended up where he is because of the series of bad moves he made in life. After he was released, he started his own chess club where troubled teenagers with behavioral problems learned the importance of making the right moves in life. Brown became a successful businessman a few years later.