Top Tips On Becoming A Successful Hair Stylist

In the modern world where the pressure to be super-slim and to have the latest designer gear can be difficult to achieve, it’s great to have the option of fabulous hair.

A beautiful hairstyle can quickly lift the spirits from in the doldrums, to feeling sassy, sexy and leave the individual feeling great about them.

Being a hair stylist takes commitment and skill, and to be good takes training and the willingness to continually update your knowledge, even after you’ve qualified.

If you’re thinking of becoming a hair stylist, these top tips from successful individuals in the industry might help you carve your path.

Top Tips On Becoming A Successful Hair Stylist

Look the Part

You may well be styling your client’s hair, but if you look a mess yourself you’ll shake the confidence of your customers and may struggle to attract people to your services.

Remember you’re part of the beauty industry so that means looking good and dressing the part at all times in working hours. That doesn’t mean you need to splash out on designer gear or cover your face in make-up if that’s not your style, but looking smart, presentable and with beautiful hair are all essentials in the industry.

Use Retail to Great Effect

Although your primary skills may lie in hairdressing, don’t underestimate the impact of good retail skills either.

Show your clients the products you are using to make their hair look fantastic and give them the opportunity to purchase them from you. If you are working in a salon, there’s a good chance you’ll earn a commission and if not, customers who purchase their hair care products from you are more likely to return.

Do remember though that there’s a very fine line between providing your customers with enough persuasive information for them to buy, and giving them a hard sell. The latter could see your customers avoiding you in the future.


It may seem clichéd but customers want a hair stylist who is approachable and friendly, even if they’re not the kind of person who likes to chat.

Most hair stylists develop a great bond with their customers over the years and this is created by having a smile on your face, even on days when you might not feel like it.

Customer service is a large part of the success of being a top hair stylist so plaster on a smile and strike up a conversation and you’ll find your business fares much better as a result.

Become an Expert

It shouldn’t be enough to simply pass the basic hairdresser training; to be a sought after hair stylist you should be willing to undergo continuous professional development.

This means becoming an expert in all the key areas, from cutting to styling to colouring. Don’t be satisfied with simply being able to get by; you should want to provide your customers with hair styling services that can’t be rivalled elsewhere.

Offer the Latest Trends

Hair styling is an industry which will never stand still; new and exciting techniques and hairstyles will always be just around the corner.

The chances are your customers will want you to be able to recreate the hottest trends and will ask you for the products, styles and techniques that they’ve seen used by their latest celebrity.

Stay up to date with your hairdresser training by enrolling in classes to learn all the new trends as and when they occur.


There’s always going to be the demand for the latest hair styles, or a good cut and blow dry, so becoming a hair stylist is a career choice which is guaranteed to last a lifetime. Pursue your dreams by taking all the hairdresser training classes you can, and your services will be hotter than your hair straighteners….

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