How College Students Can Stay Sharp Over The Holiday Break

This time of year, most college students are done with their final exams and making their way back home to see their families for the holidays. This is a very exciting time for any college student, and most of them want to think about anything but school for the entire time they are on break. This mindset, however, can cause them to have a very difficult time when they return to school.

Instead of letting go of everything they learned over the past few months, college students should make a point to retain the information they have learned and even gain some new knowledge or skills during their holiday break. This is a great way for college students to not only succeed in school, but prepare for their future after graduation. Here are some ways for college students to stay sharp over the holiday break.

Take an Online Course

Most college student’s look forward to having a break from school, but taking a class or tow over the break can be very beneficial. College students can use CSUSM extended learning to take classes toward their degree studies over the break. This will not only keep their mind sharp, but also get them closer to receiving their degree.

How College Students Can Stay Sharp Over The Holiday Break

Catch up on Sleep

It is common for college students to skip out on sleep during finals week in order to study. Therefore, one of the best ways to stay sharp over the break is to actually catch up on sleep. This can help college students recover and gain the strength they need to take on the next semester.

Schedule Reading in Each Day

Reading is not a common activity associated with winter break. College students will need to schedule in some time to read each day in order to make it happen. This will take a little dedication, but every college student will see the results when they return to school the next year.

Play Brain Games

There are a lot of great brain games that college students can play during the holiday break and anytime during the year when they have some free time to keep their mind sharp and focused all the time. These games can sometimes even be played with other people, so the whole family can play together. This is a great way for everyone to stay entertained and learning all through the break.

Keep a Journal

Journaling may seem like just a hobby to most people, but everyone can use journaling as a tool to keep their mind fresh and focused, even with all the distractions of the holiday season. College students can use a journal to not only take notes from their classes, but to document things around them. This helps them expand their memory and their creativity. These are a couple skills that every college student can use to succeed no matter what path they take in life, so now is the perfect time to start a journal.

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