If You Want To Get The Job, Get An MBA First

For recent graduates looking to land that dream job, studies show that earning an MBA from an accredited university will rocket you to the top of your ideal employer’s radar. If you’ve already secured a satisfying position, continuing your education through an MBA will put you on the fast track to improving your current career, developing and advancing your skill set, and almost certainly earning more money.

An accredited MBA program combines practical, on-the-job scenarios with bracing lectures, collaborative and team-building exercises, and focused tutelage. These programs deliver top quality curricula, embrace the latest in classroom technologies, and utilize the most experienced and effective instructors, giving you the tools necessary to become management material in any leading firm, not-for-profit, or corporation. Masters-level courses can assist you in advancing your career in human resources, accounting, operations and project management, business analysis, finances, and marketing, and will make you the type of leader and negotiator who inspires and unites diverse groups of people. Moreover, leading schools allow you to combine your MBA with other accreditations and designations—many graduates achieve both a Master’s of Business Administration along with a CPA or a Master’s of Finance, offering a versatile range of skills that undergraduate courses (or even other Graduate programs) don’t come close to providing.

If You Want To Get The Job, Get An MBA First

Of course, obtaining further education does take time, and it will require some financial flexibility. Thankfully, you don’t have to drop everything else in your life to achieve your goals. While it’s certainly possible to pursue an MBA on a full-time basis, you can also take weekend and evening classes to accommodate your busy schedule. The opportunity to take classes part-time allows you to retain an important or lucrative position while getting a leg up on the competition—within a few years, you can become one of the few people in your department with a master’s degree, and without having to sacrifice your income, or your spot within your organization!In addition, some employerswill offset or completely pay for your tuition, making the choice to go back to school—at least in a part-time capacity—so much easier. When both you and your employer begin to view your education as an investment in your company’s future, everyone wins.

Right now, courses are being offered in downtown Toronto that can easily fit your timetable and work around your other commitments. For example, the Wilfrid Laurier MBA Program offers a cutting-edge part-time program in the heart of T.O.’s booming financial district, surrounding you with numerous co-op opportunities, a myriad of networking possibilities, and eleven different specializations to choose from. By heading to http://lauriermba.ca/program/part-time-mba-toronto/, you’ll see how the alternate-weekend approach to continuing education works for so many busy and successful professionals who wish to transform their range of skills and become an inspiration to their peers.

It’s no secret that MBA graduates earn more money, enjoy higher and more satisfying positions, and retain more wide-ranging and interdisciplinary skills. So don’t stay in the dark—join one of Canada’s most immersive, distinguished, and pragmatic student bodies and inspire others along the way.