How Is Singapore Math So Effective?

Is your kid facing difficulty in solving math problems? If I am not wrong, answer from most of the mothers and teachers is yes. Children look at mathematics as a complex subject. This phobia of complexity keeps them away from understanding the problem in an effective way and choosing the right tool to solve the problem. Singapore math works towards addressing the same problem. The techniques detailed here help the student to understand the problem in deep way and come up with the right solution easily. This Singapore is highly prevalent in the ountries like USA.

How Is Singapore Math So Effective?

This method of solving the problem is quite different from the others. Each fundamental question in the syllabus is answered with the logical explanation so that the student will have better understanding of the problem when he is analyzing it. This method encourages children to ask many questions there by helping the students to have deep understanding of the problem.

The syllabus in math is formatted in away to help the students maximize their potential in solving mathematical problems. Unique techniques were developed to ensure that the kids are not boxed in their learning.  Math techniques detailed here will allow them to expand their imagination, see the application of their lessons and engage them in various activities.

The success of the curriculum was evident with the performance of the kids in the survey conducted by Trends in Mathematics and Science Study.  This in fact proved that there is need for change in children approach to their studies.  With this global trend many companies have started including Singapore approach math in their text book.

Feature of Singapore math

The approach aimed at focusing on using all mental facilities of the child to allow them to enhance their learning.  Driving their goal towards this Singapore approach math revolves around three concepts  such as concentrate , visual and abstract.


The only way to grab the attention to the child to learn new concepts is game play. N this method, children will understand various math operations and numbers through concrete objects. They will understand the lessons in the better way when you choose to teach them with the approach they like.


An painting talks better than hundred words and this works quite effectively when you want to teach complex math operations to your children. The images that represent the problems at best way will  help  the student to understand the problem in best way. In this case bars are usually used to represent the numbers.  The total will be represented with single bar and it is divided to different small parts to help the student understand the essence of addition and subtraction multiplication and division.


This is used only after child understand math operations and numbers with the first two methods. Then only they will be able to solve the problem in abstract method. They will start using numbers and symbols to solve math problems and arrive at correct answer.