The Power of Good Night SMS

The current advancement in technology has made things such as communication easier. The most used mode of communication by a large number of people around the world is the short message service (SMS). The most SMS are usually sent at night to wish the ones that we care a goodnight. The use of SMS has also been encouraged by the existence of several platforms through which these SMS are sent. You can send SMS either directly to the recipient phone or use chat application such as whazzup among many other chat application.


In this review, we are going to concentrate on good night SMS. By sending a person be it you friend, parent, fiance boyfriend or girlfriend shows that you care a lot about them. The content and the tone of the SMS differ from one person to the other. An SMS being sent to a girlfriend cannot sound the same as SMS being sent to your parent. The timing of the SMS also differs among the individuals that you are sending the SMS. For example, SMS being sent to a parent are usually sent early enough before the fall asleep. In other cases, ones sent to loved ones such as a girlfriend or boyfriend are normally sent a bit late when the night is quiet to make it sound romantic.

An SMS should normally short but should carry as much information to make your intended communication. Writing a great good night SMS does not require specialized knowledge or expertise. You only need an understanding of the likes and behavior of the person to whom you intend to wish good night. If the individual is your lover, you can look for some romantic quotes online. In this case, you have to make sure that you customize the quotes so that they can rhyme with the information you want to communicate. You can also quote some line of love song that you know or the ones you listen together with your lover.

There some people especially employers who send good night SMS to their employees to show that there still concerned about them even beyond working field. The employers normally send good night SMS to their employees to show appreciation for hard work and motivate them to work even better the next day.

It has been proven that when you are happy you always sleep better than when you go to bed feeling angry. Going to bed happy has always been associated to a sweet dream, it is also believed that you will probably have a nightmare when you go to bed feeling angry. For this reason, most people have developed a tendency of sending funny texts at night. They aim is to raise the moods of their friend, but most of them do not the good that they are doing their friends.

Millions of Goodnight SMS are sent every night. In most cases, a person will be tempted to forward it to another friend if he/she finds it interesting. Good night SMS also strengthen the bond of relationship that you share with the SMS recipient. It makes you feel connected every time.