How to Format C Drive without CD

Users may be worried about what they should do to retrieve data from corrupted HDD. We know that once a hard disk is damaged, data on it will be lost without doubt. Therefore, users may usually want to realize broken HDD data recovery in the process of using computer. In general, there are three phenomena showing that hard disk has been corrupted. Firstly, partitions on the damaged hard disk can’t be normally open. And computer will ask users to format partitions. Secondly, users always have problems while they are copying files (or the copying speed is very slow). What’s more, computer always crashes.

What Causes HDD Corruption

Partition table damage may be the worst damage to users’ data in addition to physical damage of hard drive. Four main reasons may lead to partition table damage.

  1. Partition is deleted due to accidental operation. Under this circumstance, as long as users don’t perform writing operation on the certain partition, they can recover data from corrupted hard disk successfully.
  1. HDD is corrupted because users install multi-boot software or use third party partitioning tool. There is a chance for users to realize broken HDD data recovery.
  1. Viruses destroys partition table. Under this situation, data on the damaged partition can be partially or fully recovered.
  1. Partition table is damaged when users use Ghost to clone partition. When users encounter this situation, they can only recover part of data or even can’t recover any data at all.

Actually, to a large extent, users’ data can be recovered after disk was corrupted. However, if users operate incorrectly during the process of data recovery, this will cause more damage to the certain hard disk. Finally, users’ data can’t be recovered any more. So, we have two suggestions for users aiming at broken HDD data recovery. Firstly, when a certain hard disk is corrupted, users shouldn’t write any data to it, because this will affect the success rate of data recovery or even cause data overwritten. Secondly, users should stop performing any operations on the corrupted disk.

After users read these two suggestions, they can perform broken HDD data recovery at once. And we intensely recommend them to achieve corrupted HDD data retrieval with software. Of course, MiniTool data recovery software is a good choice. Then, how to retrieve data from corrupted hard disk? The detailed operating steps are shown in the following content.

How to Recover Data from Corrupted Hard Diskcorrupted HDD

  1. After launching Power Data Recovery, users should click “Damaged Partition Recovery” module in the main interface of it.corrupted HDD 1
  1. Choose a partition which is broken down and click “Full Scan”.
  1. Wait patiently for the completion of full scan.corrupted HDD 2
  1. Users should choose the files that they need to recover and click “Save”.corrupted HDD 3
  1. Choose another drive to save the files chosen in step five and click “OK” to start all pending operations.

This is the end of the simple introduction to the reasons for hard disk corruption and the way to retrieve data from corrupted HDD.

Note: This data recovery tool support Windows OS only, if you want to work on MAC OS, please select, MiniTool mac data recovery software.