How To Prepare For CFA exam

There is no secret to crack Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program except sheer determination and hard work. A disciplined approach helps in crossing every level of the course and make it till the end with flying wings! Find out some tips for CFA preparation:

Organize Yourself and Make a Routine

For CFA preparation, you must have a strong course of action. Apart from CFA classes, a candidate should spend at least 12 hours every week on independent study. You should start at least six months before the final exam. Study all 18 CFA sessions deeply to get familiar with them.

Every second of CFA preparation is important thus you should assign every section to each week. Make a schedule on excel. Your course should be completed at least one month in advance. In the last schedule, review or revision classes will prepare you for the big game.

How To Prepare For CFA exam

Technique-based Study Program Will Help

A lot of significance is given to “Learning Outcome Statements” (LOS) in CFA preparation. To excel in every LOS, note down definitions, formulas and terms. These notes will be your savior at the end. Make flash cards to carry with you as it is next to impossible to keep the entire curriculum with you all the time. Practice a lot; do not leave any stone unturned to increase your chances of success. Keep a calculator handy when practicing. Your CFA classes will teach you to study qualitative and quantitative material separately.

Keep Yourself Focused

Spend some alone time with your books; go offline whether it is on social media or mobile. Just sit with a pencil, calculator and several practice paper. Try solving papers within the deadline; solve every question paper that you can manage. This will help you know your strengths and weak areas on which you can work before the exam day nears. You can go back to CFA and FRM classes to make your concepts clearer and stronger. Do not hesitate to bring up your issues during CFA preparation. Keep your health in check as you will have to sit for long during CFA exams.

Take 8 hours sleep every day despite your CFA classes. Check your exam center’s location a day prior to the main exam to avoid any delay.