4 Simple Steps To Write An Effective “How-to” Article

Have you ever instructed a friend on a cooking recipe? Tutor him to a great workout regime or explain to him simple steps of using the software? If the answer to all this is yes, then you already have a fairly decent idea of what the basic structure of a how to article feels like. The basic premise of How-to’s is to provide readers simple instructions like a tutorial on something they wish to understand and learn. Students come across different kinds of writing and they surely have to work on How-tos article at some stage in their academia.

The writing is simple; the article will follow a basic sequential structure telling the readers of what to next after the previous step. So for example, if you are writing about how to take an online class, then you write to first register yourselves, then do this and do that. The trick to such articles is that you do not have enough room to play around with irrelevant details, because the readers while reading these type of essays and articles expect quick instructions to follow in a particular order that makes it easy for them to learn or do something by following those instructions. If you are a student who wants to effectively write a how-to essay, then we are going to provide you four easy tips to work on a great and an impressive looking article.

4 Simple Steps To Write An Effective “How-to” Article

Select the Topic you know Perfectly

In order to be an instructor of something, you must an expert in it and thoroughly know each and everything that is important or relevant to what you are instructing on. So the first task of writing a how-to article is to focus on selecting a topic which you have the perfect knowledge and idea for, if you already have a topic given, but you are unsure of your knowledge about it, then thoroughly research all angles before sitting to write it down.

Narrow Down your Topic as much as you can

For your instructions to be précise and result oriented, it is important that your topic is focused and narrowed down rather than being too generic. For example, if you are explaining or writing on how to cook, you should rather write on how to cook an omelet or how to cook chicken sandwich. This makes your topic much more clear, crisp and relevant for the audience.

Delete Information which does not Add Value

How-to essays are all about teaching and adding value to the reader’s knowledge, so it is important that the transfer of knowledge is effective and clear without anything which might make it confusing. So first, you have to work on different drafts and then second is to ensure during revisions of those drafts you actually delete the information which is not adding any value to the writing or instructions you are passing on.

Include a Comprehensive Conclusion

Once you have completed all the instructions and sequences within the essay, finish it with a comprehensive conclusion, mentioning the key points about your instructions and the results that are expected.

So after selecting an appropriate topic, you can start off with your work. You need to have initial information as well as all the details required to write the How to articles, as it won’t be quality material if you are beating around the bush and are not aware of the topic yourself. So do a little research at the start before composing an article.


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