Essay Due? Panicking? Learn Easy Essay Skills From Favorite Writing Sites

Even in you have never written an essay before, these top sites can teach the skills you need to write successfully. Learn to write an amazing essay in no time.

Essay Due? Panicking? Learn Easy Essay Skills From Favorite Writing Sites

Sometimes students just need a quick review of essay writing techniques. Or, perhaps a student hasn’t written an essay for college or university before. Learn essay writing in a flash with these 5 helpful, free research and writing websites.

  1. Essay writing presents particular challenges for international students. Both language and culture can result in confusion and the feeling of extra stress. Visit International Student for a straightforward essay planning and writing guide. Written in plain language (no tricky academic vocabulary), the site features colorful suggestion boxes of do’s and don’ts, and grammar tips relevant to nan-native English writers.

  1. The Homework Centre at info please includes a surprisingly thorough and easy-to-read essay-writing tutorial.  Simple steps presented in discreet, point-form formats, make it easy for students to learn specific aspects of the essay writing process. Subjects covered include establishing your topic, types of essays, and using endnotes and footnotes, as well as 5 basic tips to improve your grades. This site is worth a visit for students having trouble with essays.
  1. A unique site called Skills You Need: Helping You Develop Life Skills features a brief, but enormously helpful essay writing a guide. This guide will suit students who have already planned their essays, but are experiencing problems getting started with the writing. It also has helpful suggestions for managing student stress due to looming deadlines, as well as important style and grammar reminders. Spend some time looking around this site, as it has much to offer.

  1. For students who prefer watching videos to reading articles, YouTube is the answer. I conducted a search on ‘learning easy essay skills’, and it produced a ridiculous number of hits (like, six million). Some tutorials are in slide format, and some are animated. Also, students may choose from literally thousands of mini-lectures on essay types, rules, styles, and tips. The only concern I have about recommending this resource is that students might lose many hours of writing time in choosing what to watch!
  1. The Student Guide website includes a link to Essay Writing: The Essential Guide, by David Gauntlett. This easy-to-read, short resource provides creative tips, on-target examples, and sound advice from a professional writer.  The site also includes guides for more advanced essay writers, as well as grammar, punctuation and style help, scientific report writing, and links to resources for MLA, APA, Chicago and CSE style guides.

No matter how weak your essay writing skills may be, numerous helpful resources are available for free. A small investment of your time can result in a big impact on your grades. Visit some of these top student help sites and learn more about writing excellent essays, and see your grades improve.

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