How Can You Start Your Career In Automobile Design?

If you have decided to pursue your career in automobile design, you should know some important points before finalizing your plans. You should know all the job requirements, internships, duties and responsibilities of the career in automobile.

Prepare for Admission: When you are ready to pursue your career in the automobile field, you should start submitting your portfolios and samples of work for the admissions procedure. When you are in high school, you should select drawing, art and drafting as your electives. This will help in boosting up your portfolios. You can also include the 2D or the 3D drawings as samples in your portfolio. Some of the design schools may also offer programs during summer for preparing the high school students for the college design programs.

How Can You Start Your Career In Automobile Design?

Bachelor’s Degree: The automobile designers must have a minimum qualification of graduation. The bachelor’s degree is generally expected in the engineering or the designing field. Most of the engineering schools offer 4 year degree in the major subjects like the transportation design. The subjects can be considered as part of the mechanical engineering or the industrial design. The transportation students may opt for some additional courses like 3D design and modeling, vehicle systems and the design theory. The mechanical engineering students may also avail some courses in manufacturing design, vehicle dynamics and the power train systems.

Internships: The students should participate in internships for a successful career in automobile. For developing a professional portfolio; the students should participate in the internships. For securing your employment after the graduation, you should actively participate in the internship programs. Sometimes, the employment can be secured from the organization from where you have done the internship. If you cannot grab the job from the organization itself, you can obtain a job from the same industry through various contacts from your internship programs.

Earn Your Degrees: As the products play a great role in the business plan, the prospective automobile designers should brush up their business skills to remain in the market for a long time. After graduating successfully, you can go for the post graduation degree in the automobile designing. The business administration degrees will make you more employable in the market. The students who are further interested in the subjects may also go for the master degrees in the engineering or the automobile design field.

Build Portfolios: A professional portfolio exhibiting all your innovative works can be designed and presented in front of the employers. The bachelors program may include the activity of creating a professional portfolio for your career.

Gain Work Experience: You should gain work experiences for a stable career in this industry. If your college have ties with established organizations, it can really be helpful for placing the graduates as fresher. According to the Bureau of labor Statistics (BLS), it is projected that a 10% increase in the job in this particular industry can be noticed within 2020.

Employment and Salary: According to the research done by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the automobile engineers and the commercial designers have earned an approximate average of $ 64,500 as of 2013.The employed designers can also have a projected increase of 4 % from 2012 to 2022.

So, to cope up with the automobile industry, a prospective automobile designer should earn the degrees properly and opt for internships. You should also prepare a professional portfolio which can show your creativity and capabilities properly. Work experiences can be an added advantage if you want to stay long term in this industry.

Author Bio: George Thomas is a well known automobile engineer who works with In this article, he is providing tips to the prospective automobile designers for their career.