Why Industrial Engineering and Management Course Is In Demand?

The world is changing with the advancement in technology & engineering sectors, Internet, and integration of business skills in all fields. In this competitive world of technology, skilled engineers are in demand, who can not only understand the essential principles of business but also have the technical and engineering skills to solve difficult business problems. Industrial engineering and management course can fill this gap. This course orients toward scientific mindsets and technology on industrial systems rather than any single equipment or system.

Why Industrial Engineering and Management Course Is In Demand?

What this Engineering Branch Offers?

The most distinctive aspect of industrial engineering & management course is the flexibility it offers. Industrial engineers are skilled in computing, mathematics, design, comprehension and management. Candidates in this engineering branch have plenty of opportunities because they are taught about different fields of business and industrial areas. For example, industrial engineers & engineer managers are responsible for the design and production processes. They can also be employed in entertainment industries, healthcare organisations and shipping and logistics businesses.

Why it is in Demand?

Engineering services will create one million additional jobs in India by 2020 driven by growth in ER&D. In last few years, job growth has been noticed in four occupations: petroleum engineers, geological engineers, biomedical engineers and industrial engineers (IEs). As a whole, engineering sector requires a large number of skilled engineers in the years to come.

Industrial engineering is in some aspects regarded as a synonym of “management science,” as IEs can solve practical problems in an enterprise with scientific approaches. The combination of two disciplines – Industrial Engineering and Management – provides students the ability to understand business models and engineering systems. Owing to the rapid domestic economical growth, Industrial Engineering & Management plays an extremely important role in industrial development in India.


The main function of industrial engineering and management personnel is to accelerate growth of the current or future industrial development through effective managerial decisions and utilizing limited resources to achieve goals. In other words, industrial engineering & management branch is multidisciplinary, which allows you to work in different sectors inside a firm. Top engineering colleges in Karnataka offer B.E. in Industrial Engineering & Management and B.Tech in Industrial & Production Engineering. While being called as industrial engineering and management graduate will give you an edge over other job seekers as you’ll be the only engineering professional trained specifically in industrial productivity, management and technical aspects of engineering systems.