The Process Of Becoming Structural Engineer

For a strong house it is necessary to have a strong foundation and strong building. If the foundation is strong, the overall structure of the house is strong. But if a little flaw is detected in the foundation, the whole house is in danger.

The Process Of Becoming Structural Engineer

Structural engineer is the one who is responsible for building strong foundations of the house. He knows exactly what to do if the building is being built in a damp season and what type of steps should be taken to control flaws. Structural engineers can be home inspector and foundation inspector.

Structural engineers are the experts in designing buildings and houses and are responsible for the construction, repair and conservation of the buildings. The demand for structural engineers is ever increasing and people are getting high salary for this field. That is the reason that more and more people are joining this field.

Education for Structural Engineer:

Deep study and knowledge is required to be a structural engineer and you have to be prepared for it from the very beginning. It will be helpful if you have interest in engineering related subjects such as mathematics and science. Engineering is the application of these subjects so you must have strong grip over them before entering college.

The important subjects which serves as the base for structural engineering are calculus, geometry and trigonometry. The practical problems are solved using the concepts of physics. These subjects should be studied in school.

In college, you should study additional subjects like stats and dynamics, material engineering, computer-aided design and structural analysis, conceptual structural design, engineering graphics and other related subjects.

Among the core subjects, general engineering subjects should also be learned by structural engineers. English is also very important because an engineer should write clearly and precisely.

Testing & Certification:

Only studying engineering subjects doesn’t make you an engineer, you have to pass certain tests and get certified to become an eligible engineer. Firstly you have to pass the Fundamentals of Engineering Examination (FE). This test deals with the civil engineering and provides a gateway to structural engineering.

After passing FE, you will be qualified as an engineering intern. Next you have to clear the Principles and Practices in Engineering test (PE) and for that you have to work four years to be eligible. This test has two versions, one for civil engineers and the other for bridge structural engineers.

You are now qualified structural engineer but the education does not stop at this point. You should continue to learn new technologies.