Longest Living Reptiles During Pangaea Now On Your Finger Tips

Seven hundred species of dinosaurs are named till now. However, recent scientific study says that only half of the species can be separated having unique characteristics. There are about 300 valid genera of dinosaurs though 540 were named. Also, recent estimates say that 700 to 900 species of dinosaurs are still to be revealed.

Most of the genera have one species while some have more. Even if around 700 species are valid, it is less than 1/10th of living birds, 1/5th of mammal species and 1/3rd of spider species.

Longest Living Reptiles During Pangaea Now On Your Finger Tips

Harry Seeley discovered two ways of classifying dinosaurs according to their hip structure –

  • Lizard hipped known as saurischia
  • Bird hipped known as ornithischia

These both groups are further divided into sub groups like sub families, families and so on. Some interesting sub groups and examples are –


These are beast foot and involve all carnivorous dinosaurs. It is surprising, but birds evolved from theropods and not from ornithischianm, which are bird hipped dinosaurs. This group includes scary dinosaurs and all the popular ones like rex, tyrannosaurus and velociraptor.


Sauropods walked on 4 legs and grew to huge sizes. These types are herbivores and also include classic dinosaurs namely brachiosaurus and diplodocus.


This word means shield bearers. It includes armored dinosaurs like ankylosaurus and stegosaurus. This category lived from early Jurassic to cretaceous.


Cerapods have many groups in it. Some are triceratops, ornithopods, ceratopsian, etc.

Kinds of Dinosaurs

Smallest dinosaurs were chicken sized while largest were 100 feet long. Various types of dinosaurs had various diet patterns. Some were carnivores, some herbivores and others omnivores. It is misunderstood by many of us that dinosaurs lived together, but the fact is that they lived during the Mesozoic era that lasted for millions of years.

In this era, new dinosaurs evolved and some got extinct. According to the time distance, dinosaurs like triceratops and tyrannosaurus rex are closer to us. Some earliest kinds of dinosaurs were plateosaurus and stegosaurus. During the age of dinosaurs, the world was different or rather the age of dinosaurs was so long that the world considerably changed.

At the early dinosaur age, the earth was one super continent called Pangaea. During this time, there were different animals, their species, etc. many dinosaur species were closely related. The super continent broke during the final era of dinosaurs then started the modern globe.

Longest Living Reptiles During Pangaea Now On Your Finger Tips

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