Remember To Follow Up After The Interview

Phew! The job interview is over and you nailed it. Finally, you can breathe a deep sigh of relief, wipe the perspiration from your hands, and, when no one is looking, do a little victory jig. But, don’t switch out of job hunt mode yet. There are still some very important post-interview procedures you must follow.

Remember To Follow Up After The Interview

Say Thanks

Nothing makes a good impression faster than minding your P’s and Q’s–and proper business etiquette involves sending a prompt thank-you note to your interviewers.

While an e-mail thank-you is better than no follow-up, Learning the Ropes:The Insider’s Guide to Winning at Work author, Camille Primm, tells the Houston Chronicle that a handwritten letter is best as it shows the employer you took the time and care to personalize it. And don’t forget to take this opportunity to remind them of your fabulous skill set and how much you long to work for them.

Touch Base

The golden rule when getting in contact with the interviewer after the interview is don’t overdo it. There is a fine line between showing an interest and being mistaken for a stalker.

Adhere to the interviewer’s wishes. If they suggest that all contact should be made through e-mail, stick with this mode of communication. If they tell you that it will be a week before they make a decision, be patient.

As for forging an online connection, LinkedIn is your safest bet. And, as “What to Do After the Interview” warns, never attempt to friend an interviewer on Facebook as this is inappropriate. It is okay, however, to “like” the company’s corporate page.

Notify Your Network

It is important that you make your personal and professional references aware of the fact that they may be contacted. Give them as much information about the company, the position, and the requisite skills as possible, so they can prepare their pitch.

CNN also recommends taking advantage of your network of influential contacts and connections–particularly those who know the interviewer–by asking them to put in a good word on your behalf.

Keep Prepping

Okay. You’ve completed round one and you can almost taste victory. This is no time, however, to let down your guard. If you get the phone call, you had better be ready for the second interview.

How can you impress them more than you did in round one?’s Vice President, Joe Weinlick, tells Forbes that you may want to search online for interesting pieces of info that most people can’t find on the company’s website like a company milestone, an award-winning project, or a recent initiative that you can “casually” work into the conversation during your next interview.

This will show them that you have a serious interest in their company and have taken the time to learn as much about it as possible.

Congratulations on securing an interview and doing a bang-up job! You deserve several pats on the back, but now is not the time to bask in the glory of an interview well-done. You’ve got work to do to make sure that you go from mere job candidate to gainfully employed.

How do you follow up on an interview?