Essay Writing Tips Your Professor Doesn’t Know

You have to remember that it has been years since your professor wrote an essay. Sure, he or she may have to mark a lot of essays, but marking and making are two different things, just like manufacturing and driving a car are two different things. There are some things your professor doesn’t know, or at the very least doesn’t realize, to the point where you may prosper if you use this information correctly.

Essay Writing Tips Your Professor Doesn’t Know

Over 70% of top students use essay writing services

This is something that some of the more savvy professors know, but many like to bury their heads over just how many students use essay writing services because they know how much these services undermine their college’s integrity. Many top students use writing companies, it is not just the students that are struggling that use them.

Professors mark essays more highly if they agree with them

When students ask for assignment help with writing companies listed on, the writers like to know what college the student is attending because it helps them angle their essays into certain political directions. It is common knowledge that professors will students more highly if they agree with what they are writing in their essays. That is why if you want assignment help in Australia, you should mention the idea of politics to the writing company, especially if you are able to pick the essay topic yourself for the paper your professor issued to you.

How much a professor likes you will affect your grades

The brown nose and apple polisher in your class will get better grades. The fact is that professors want the students they like to do well. If you are a likable person that professors seem to like, then make friends with your professor. If you are not very likable and/or are not very popular amongst other students or adults, then maybe you should avoid your professor a little and try to impress him or her with your work.

Look at other people’s references and steal them

The process is blisteringly simple, you skim read an essay you find online and look at what is referenced for each point. Check the reference to see if you can make the same point and use the same reference. It is a nice way of stealing ideas and points from another essay, and stealing their references too.

Your professor doesn’t check every reference on your paper

You may be worried about filling your essay with lots of different references because you may be concerned about the legitimacy of them all. You may have quickly added a few extra references into your essay just to make it look a little more researched than it actually it. Well, you will be pleased to learn that very few professors check all of your references.

Most essay markers are only looking for obvious mistakes

Imagine if you were marking a massive number of essays in a short space of time. Wouldn’t you get checking-fatigue? Your professors are only human, and they are going to go into autopilot now and again, which means they stop checking your work with a fine toothcomb and start checking it with a wheat cropper.