Things To Send With Your Kid To School

With a gamut of hope and emotion, you send your child to her first school, a small step before she jumps on to the bigger world. Choosing the elementary school is always difficult and there are so many questions that you must have thought of before finalizing the one that you enroll in. Is it too far from the home? Does it provide a clean and safe environment for your child? Does it have good and comfortable classrooms and big playgrounds? How does the school staff treat so many children all together? It is quite natural to do a lot of research and give only the best for your child. After all, not only is it her first school but also the first time she is going outside, and stay away from her parents for so many hours! Now that you have enrolled your child to school, there are other challenges that you must face. The enrolment is just half the job done. Buying all the necessary stuff including kids name labels to make your child feel comfortable and safe during the school hours is very much crucial. It is important that you check what all of these articles are provided by the school and what you need to buy yourself.

Name Labels

Things To Send With Your Kid To School

Having a name label serves a lot of purpose for your child. Kid’s name labels can be stuck on their uniforms, lunch boxes, books and bottles to identity them quickly. This ensures they are not mixed up with others, preventing loss. Sticking name labels to your kid’s uniform ensures that they are easily identified when lost. Children are usually high on energy, in their first school, performing fun activities and playing games. They have a natural tendency to stray away from their groups, out of absent-mindedness, increasing the chances of getting lost. Some kids are a little more difficult to control than the rest. Name labels help identify kids who got separated from their groups and return them back to safety. Ensure that the name is clearly decipherable and has other details like classroom number, among others. They are also useful when kids fall sick, and the cups and bottles they use can be identified with a label, preventing germs from spreading to others in the classroom.

School Meals

Satisfying your child’s appetite is a daunting task indeed. It is tough to understand what your child likes to eat, depending on her mood swings and taste buds. Ensuring that your child is fed well during school hours, not only keeps her in good health but also prevents those excruciating minutes of loud cry. Simple meals that she has at home for breakfast or lunch can be packed in tiffin and sent. Bread, butter, pickles, eggs or some vegetables should work fine for most cases. The menu can vary, depending on the food habits of your child and her current health. Having the food safely packed is very crucial so that it remains hot and fresh till the time your child eats it. Aluminum foils and tight lunch boxes usually do the job quite well.

School Uniforms

Things To Send With Your Kid To School

School uniforms are very special indeed, as they are the first set of uniforms your child wears to school. Have dresses that are neither too loose nor too tight, and fits perfectly well. Loose dress tends to fall off during the play sessions while the tight ones will certainly bring them to tears. Ensure that the material is comfortable depending on the weather, be it the hot Australian summers, monsoons or the winter. Children also tend to make the school dresses quite dirty, with their over enthusiasm and excitement during play sessions or smear them with food particles during mid-day meals. They drop water too, on their uniforms, and wearing a wet dress throughout the day almost certainly will make them fall sick. A back up uniform can help, during these situations. The shoes need to be polished and the socks changed every day, to ensure continued hygiene for your child.

School Bags and Other Stationary

School bags can be tricky, accommodating the lunch boxes, spare dresses, books and other stationary, and still make it light enough for your child to carry. Ensure that the bag has a label stuck to it, to identify its owner. Children also like colorful bags, with cartoons and other funny stuff decorating it.