Work And Cleaning Have A Lot In Common

You never thought cleaning and work have something in common, but they do.

I never believed that clean people are more successful at their work and life. I always thought parents say this to make their children clean and tidy their rooms. It was years after that when I started working that I realised my parents were actually right. Moreover there is a research in the subject that shows clean people are more responsible, organised and therefore more successful. Even if you’re not the most clean type there are some things you can change in order to make cleaning a habit. I started understanding the relation between cleaning habits and personal growth while I was workign for a litle bit in a professional carpet cleaning company in Stockwell. But this work was just the begining.

Improve Your Life

We’ll talk about daily issues at home and at the office, all the activities won’t take much of your time but the result will amaze you. I assume that you’re a working person and you’re tired as all of us after work, but when you get home don’t lay on the couch in front of the television. First of all change your clothes and get a shower because all the dust and dirt from the clothes will be transfered directly onto the upholstery.

Work And Cleaning Have A Lot In Common

Once you’ve come out of the bathroom you’ll feel energised and you can do some of the house chores like putting the dirty clothes to the laundry or wiping the floors. Fight the laziness and fatigue, if you can accomplish this, you can clean the entire house for one night. Of course, that is not the point, if you attempt this you’ll only be more tired and unproductive at work. The whole idea is to do some physical exercise and reduce the stress build at work.

For best results I recommend you make a schedule and divide the cleaning chores along the week, that way you’ll have more free time ad the weekend. It is not easy, but if you’re persistent I guarantee that within four weeks you’ll have the weekends for leisure activities or hiking, whatever you like. The transformation will be imperceptible and soon you’ll keep your desk at the office sparkling clean ad tidy.

Moreover this entire routine will affect your way of thinking. I can’t explain it the right way, but I can tell you what happened with me – I’ve changed a great deal. I always used to be a messy person and in my mind it was the same chaos. A few moths after I started tidying everything I noticed a difference, like my thoughts were sorted into files, just like those on a computer. I was able to remember more things now and this was noticed by my boss, I got a rise a few months after my change.