Ensuring Health And Safety Through IPAF Training Courses

Health and safety at work is important, but especially for those that work on building sites and construction sites. There are many potential hazards, and many possible causes of accident and injury, but through careful and reliable training, it is possible to greatly reduce the chances of being involved in any type of accident. IPAF training courses are one such form of training, and are designed specifically to provide safety training to MEWP operators.

Ensuring Health And Safety Through IPAF Training Courses

There are many occasions when work needs to be carried out above ground level. For long-term work, scaffolding may be preferred, while very short and simple jobs may benefit from the use of a set of ladders. However, where space is constrained, where ladder safety cannot be assured, and where stability and level are important, Mobile Elevated Working Platforms (MEWPs) are the preferred means of access. They can be moved from location to location, offer access to a varying heights, and they can be operated safely and without potential hazard by those that have received the proper training. Different types of MEWP exist, and each has its own beneficial use and ideal condition. IPAF training courses are offered for each specific type of MEWP that may be used.

There are many possible hazards on a construction site, and the site itself may be one of them. Loose ground, gravel underfoot, and uneven surfaces can make it very difficult to set up any equipment safely, but IPAF training courses include site analysis procedures so that the MEWP operator can determine whether the ground is safe and reliable before determining the best way to erect the MEWP.

There are inherent dangers that come from working at height, and not only to the person that could potentially fall, without the proper restraints and appropriate training. Even light objects can become a major hazard and could cause serious injury when dropped from height, and if you consider the possible danger of falling drills and other worksite equipment, then the dangers of working at height while on a construction site should be among your chief concerns.

Unfortunately, even with appropriate training and the use of the proper equipment, accidents can still happen. Whether they are caused by unexpected or unpredictable weather conditions, or by some outside force, it is considered the responsibility of the MEWP operator to take action in the event of such an accident. IPAF training offers emergency protocol and emergency procedure training, so that if anything does happen, then people will be able to act quickly and react appropriately according to the situation.

IPAF training benefits everybody, and it may be necessary even if you are only looking to hire or rent a boom lift for a short period of time. The operator receives a PAL card once they have completed the course, which means that they have been trained to safely operate the type of machinery that is listed on the card. Employers and site managers know that operators with a PAL card have received the appropriate training that will help ensure a safe working environment for everybody.

The Safety Maintenance Company provides training for those working at heights, for MEWP operators, and other IPAF training courses. Apply for yourself or to ensure that your operators all have the appropriate level of training.