10 Sources and Tools To Get free Online Tutoring In Math

Education is one thing every habitant of this planet is concerned with. It is actually the process by which an individual goes through the various stage and phases of learning and training, which is usually formal. According to Wikipedia, education is the methodical provision of techniques used by children in learning to get rid of illiteracy. It is the process of making learning possible, or making the acquisition of skills, knowledge, habits, values and beliefs possible. Education usually takes place in the leadership and management of educators, but that doesn’t mean that learners can’t educate themselves. Every individual fights and struggles to be educated in his or her lifetime. Education has many methods which include:

10 Sources and Tools To Get free Online Tutoring In Math

  • Storytelling

This is the act of conveying happenings in images, words, and sound by embellishment or invention. It is usually a means of education, entertainment, instilling of moral values, and cultural preservation, and it includes plot and characters as crucial elements of storytelling.

  • Discussion

This is a method of educating people which involve two or more people communicating in spoken words. It is known as an example of spontaneous and interactive communication.

  • Research

This is the inspired work embarked on a methodical basis or ground in order to bring increment in the hoard of knowledge, including society and culture knowledge, and human knowledge, and making use of the hoarded knowledge to make new inventions. It is used to reaffirm the results of past works, support theorems, solve existing and new problems, get new theories developed and confirmation or establishment of facts.

  • Training

This is the act of an individual developing his or her skills, knowledge which relates to specific usefulness. It has exact goals of improving one’s performance, capability, capacity and productivity.

Education is of two types which are the formal and informal types of education.


Formal education is a type that occurs in a structured surrounding or environment whose detailed or specific aim or purpose is to teach students. Typically, formal education is takes place in the surrounding of a school or school vicinity with classrooms containing multiple students that have come together to learn under the guidance, management and supervision of a certified and trained subject teacher. Several schools have their systems designed about a set of ideals or values that preside over all educational choices present in the system. The choices include physical classroom design, student-teacher communications, methods of assessment, size of classrooms, educational activities, curriculum and more.


Informal education is referred to as any education received outside of a standard school setting. It is seen as the respectful, spontaneous and wise procedure of improving learning. Conversation, enlargement and exploration of experience are the pathways in which informal education works through. Informal education can refer to different form of alternative education such as youth work, self-teaching, and homeschooling. It mostly consists of clear, quantitative and accidental information and it usually surpass formal education.

The issue of students’ inability to perform very well and excellent in their academics is gradually becoming overwhelming. Most students after being sent to the best schools around the globe seem to perform poorly in their studies. They tend to have low grades in their results after tests and exams have been conducted.

With the presence of the internet, dear parents and guidance, you can now help your kids by providing them the online tools that will help them improve their academic excellence. Some of these online tools will help your child or ward with his or her math homework and also assist him or her in improving his or her essay writing skills. The tools for free online tutorials include:

  1. Boot Strap World: This is a module that helps to teach students and children ages 12-16 geometric and algebraic concepts via computer programming.
  2. College Algebra: This helps students to learn complex numbers, graphing, polynomials, functions, logarithmic and exponential equations.
  3. com: This offers colour animated games and practices that cover middle school and elementary maths.
  4. com: This offers free online games, lessons, and practices for middle and high school maths.
  5. Design Science: Gives access to maths programs which provide students avenues to improve their knowledge.
  6. Exceptional Teaching, Inc: Provides math learning with various hands-on tools.
  7. Intelli Tools: This is an individual and classroom maths software.
  8. KarisMath: Includes online practice and video interactive lessons which help students to learn simple mathematics on their own.
  9. Kidspiration3: This is a math view with 5 visual tools to develop students sense of numbers, conceptual understanding and spatial reasoning of the four basic operations.
  10. com: This offers free online animated lessons, assessment and practice covering everyday maths, pre-algebra maths, trigonometric maths, basic maths, calculus maths, geometric maths and statistics.