How To Overcome Homesickness

It can be very difficult to work or study at a place that is far away from home. For someone who is used to being in the company of close friends and dear families, being away can be depressing at times. Although meeting new friends, experiencing a new environment and doing new things is something to look forward to, it’s not something that is easy to do for some. Sometimes, when you are alone, it can’t be helped that you start to reminisce on the people and memories that you have back home.

How To Overcome Homesickness

Homesickness is a normal feeling that a person can experiences when far from home. As we all know, certain sacrifices need to be made in order to achieve something, and the security of home comforts is definitely one of them. Reminiscing can help you get over this feeling, but there are plenty of other ways. Here are some things you can do to overcome homesickness:

Get a Pet

Getting a pet, preferably one that you can play with, a cat or dog for instance, can help you feel much less alone (as technically you won’t be alone). Having someone for company, even an animal, can distract you when you are feeling lonely. Some animals are surprisingly therapeutic to talk to (numerous studies have shown that having a pet does wonders for one’s mental wellbeing). Dogs tend to acknowledge favourably when a person speaks to them (even if they don’t know what you’re saying) and certain kinds of parrot will even talk back given the right incentive! Even less cuddly (or chatty) pets are useful at keeping homesickness at bay. Simple creatures like goldfish and hamsters can help you establish a sense of routine; as you feed them and look after them you will find yourself with a new sense of purpose.

Establish a New Social Circle

Instead of remembering the times when you and your friends went out and had a lot of laughs, why not try to make new memories with new people? Going out for a movie, playing games and having dinner with new friends you met can be both helpful and memorable. With them, you get to focus having fun getting to know them, instead of clinging on to old memories from home with old friends. That is not to say you should forget your old friends entirely, but it’s always good to set yourself up in a new social scene. Look out for local clubs, sports, activities and societies that you can join.

Keep in Touch

Even if you have a beloved house pet and a new circle of friends, it is always nice to keep in touch with the friends and family you had back home. With email, Skype, Facebook etc., it’s easier than ever. Modern technologies make the world seem like a much smaller place. Even without your computer you can use apps like Whatsapp and Viber to keep in touch through your phone. A lot of phone companies also provide a certain number of international texts and minutes per month too, so there’s lots of options that’ll help you keep in touch with those back home.

Keeping your old social circle in the loop is always nice and will no doubt be appreciated as well as reciprocated. There’s nothing quite like getting a birthday message from a far-flung friend or a surprise gift hamper, filled with the niceties and trinkets of home.