Why A 2-year Degree Might Be Right For You

The traditional image of American college or university is the four-year program. Students move on campus, attend classes, and immerse themselves in college life for four years. This route is, however, not for everyone. Whether it is your financial situation or approach to learning, the four-year route doesn’t support the educational needs of every student perfectly. The following are some reasons a 2-year degree in Lake Charles, LA might be a good fit for your life.

Why A 2-year Degree Might Be Right For You

More Direct

Four-year schools get all of the attention, but countless American students opt for 2-year degrees for good reason. Chief among those is the speed with which they can be completed. Most two year degrees are quicker to complete and provide the vocational skills a graduate needs to get into the workplace and earn a living. As a result, it is a more direct path to financial stability than a four-year program.

More Affordable

As of the start of the 2015/2016 school year in the United States, the average tuition cost at an in-state public university was $24,061 each year for a four-year program, and an even higher $47,831 for a mid-level private school. On the other hand, a two-year degree program such as a paralegal associate degree costs just $3,131 each year. A 2-year degree is not only a more direct route to the workforce, it’s also a more affordable option that won’t leave you saddled with student loan debts.

More Useful, In Many Cases

This is dependent upon the program and school, but in many cases a 2-year degree is more useful for those looking for a very specific education. Instead of spending two years on liberal arts studies most never use after graduation, followed by two years of specialized coursework, a 2-year program from institutions in Lake Charles, LA sends students directly into specialized coursework relevant to their degree.

Students pursuing a degree such as a paralegal associate degree start right in on law and ethics courses, and even have the chance to complete apprenticeships and internships in the field before graduation, offering them an inside look at the industry.

Earn it Online

Best of all, you can earn many 2-year degrees online just like those at a major four-year institution. This allows you to remain gainfully employed while attending classes when it fits your schedule. A paralegal associate degree was identified recently as one of the top 10 in-demand online degrees. Graduates can expect a starting salary ranging from $46,000 to $70,000 annually, and all with just two years of work.