How To Crack GATE Exam Without Coaching?

As we all know planning is the most important thing when it comes to anything in life. Same is the case with career. Usually people plans for everything for example an engineering student has to start planning when he or she is in 8th or 9th standard and the reason behind this is very clear. They have to admission in the top colleges. When the student is in 8th or 9th standard he or she has to keep in mind that math score is the most important thing and they have to score well. If they succeed they will get math as subject in 11th. After 12th they have to keep their concepts and basics clear so that they can cross the engineering entrance exam. This entrance exam will help them in getting good college. After this the college studies goes. As they reach 3rd or final year they have to start preparing for GATE which will help them in getting good college for M.Tech. This whole scenario proves that they have to keep on planning in order to move further.

How To Crack GATE Exam Without Coaching?

What others should do?

But there are many students who never plan for anything so, does it mean they have to stop studying? The fair answer to this question is NO. They have to just go on studying and as they score well they will get admission after every challenges. But the biggest challenge for them will be GATE. Still they don’t have to attend any coaching. The reason is that if you join any coaching, the concept of yours will be cleared. So don’t you think that you can do this by your own? The first and foremost thing that you have to do is to get good books. You can consult your faculty in order to ask which book you should prefer for which subject. They will easily guide you the books and study materials that you can refer which will help you in cracking your GATE exam. You can easily search for the books online. The benefit you will get is that you can easily get the latest edition of books with some discounts. In order to redeem your discount you can go for flipkart promo code.

Referring Books

You can easily refer to these books and clear all your concepts. These concepts will not only help you in scoring better in GATE but will also help you in scoring good marks in your coming semester. This step will take around 6 months and so after that you can try out the question papers of previous years. This will help you in understanding the type of questions you are going to face. You can even try Amazon India coupons in order to redeem the discount. Usually when it comes to engineering related exams the toughest part come is math and so you will have to be prepared for that. So better ask your faculty to teach you the short ways of solving a question because you won’t get much time in the exam.