Fly High With A Career In Aviation

It’s no wonder so many people are interested in aviation – it’s one of the most exciting industries in which to build a career. Luckily, there are multiple points of entry so everyone isn’t competing for the exact same jobs. Below are a few of the best career options available in the field of aviation.

Fly High With A Career In Aviation


The most popular career in aviation is with a commercial airline. Pilot for major airlines like American, United, or Delta fly large jets like the Boeing 737, 757, or 777. Pilots at smaller regional airlines fly smaller turboprop airplanes.

Business Aviation

The field of general aviation contains all aircraft not flown by commercial airlines. In this specific field, business aviation is the most popular. It involves companies that use aircraft for private business.

A business aviation pilot might fly any number of different planes. However, these are generally midsize jets or turboprop airplanes. Think Learjets, Falcons, King Airs, Hawkers, and Gulfstreams.

Flight Instruction

Few people are as important to the airline industry as flight instructors. Every pilot in the world owes their success to flight instruction. Though many people view flight instructors as teaching only novices, many are involved in advanced training as well.

The average flight instructor teaches a student everything they need to know about flight and aviation. This includes academics, rules and regulations, aircraft operations, navigation, aerodynamics, meteorology, and much more.

Agriculture Aviation

Though not as common as they once were, spray-planes are still an important fixture in agriculture. Skilled pilots fly these specially outfitted agriculture planes just feet above crops. They use a nozzle to spray various liquids over the land to ensure the crops stay healthy from disease and plants.

Most agriculture pilots fly single-engine airplanes or helicopters. The altitudes flown at range from 30 to 50 feet. Pilots either work for an aerial application company or are self-employed.

Fire Fighting

In regions laden with forest fires during the summer months, many firefighting agencies employ the use of firefighting airplanes. Known as slurry bombers or fire bombers, the pilots operating these aircraft have a very important job. They fly low over raging forest fires to release chemical fire retardants.

Be warned that becoming a fire bomber is very difficult. Few pilots have the experience and qualifications necessary. And that’s not to mention the personal make-up or character required.

The fact is there are a lot of great aviation jobs available. The handful discussed above are a few of the very best. There are so many more aviation jobs out there including air taxi, government service, law enforcement, medical evacuation, broadcasting, scenic flying, and more. Maintain an open mind and you’ll fly high with a career in aviation.