Series of 24 Examination Is little bit hard but Prep Tests Are Really Helpful

The series of 24 tests is the toughest FINRA assessment. What makes it so demanding? Well, the reason for this is because the test focuses heavily on the supervision of trading, market making along with investment banking.

In broad sense, greater part of applicants who are appearing for the series 24 exam go on to get a post as supervisors in Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction. Sometimes, companies mandate their employees to get hold of series 24 Registration for a number of professional reasons.

This is because they may probably be required to manage their company’s investment banking or the market making related actions.

Fundamentals for the series 24 examination

  • The applicant must necessarily clear the series 62 exam, prior to taking series 24
  • For taking the sequence 24, candidates require  the sponsorship of  any of the  FINRA member firm

Where to appear for the series 24 test?

  • Series 24 exam can be programmed anytime in a scheduled exam centre in your area. You will need to take a photo identification document on the examination day. The scratch paper as well as calculator will be provided at the exam centre.

Set-up of the question paper

  • Series 24 examination is offered on the touch screen computer in the format of the multiple-choice. Every test has 150 questions selected on random basis from the test bank of thousand questions. Test time duration is of 3 hours plus 30 minutes.

How long to obtain the series 24 test results?

  • The moment, you finish the answering of the questions, just click on the ‘submit button for grading’, then wait for a few minutes. Your grades will be observed on the computer screen. Furthermore, a paper copy will be given by the organizers of assessment centre. A score of least 70% is requisite to pass the series 24 Examination.

Training for the series 24 examination

A lot of applicants watch video classes as well as take test prep, which assist them to be successful in the series 24 examination.

Specialists recommend that the applicant require expending minimum 50 – 60 hours for the series 24 exam preparation. Furthermore, the exam has to be programmed one week after the applicant completes their preparation test.

The series 24 exam prep software is accessible to assist candidates master the skills. It also gives an additional insight on the ways to go by the series 24 exam.

Tips to turn out to be better test taker

  • Try to comprehend all the questions as well as answer choices
  • utilize the procedure of exclusion of the all  wrong answers
  • Take a solid decision, no second kind of  speculation
  • Identify  any  kind of symptoms
  • Pay concentration to  the hedge clauses


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