Find The Best Part-Time Jobs With An Online Agency – Your Five-Point Checklist

If you’re looking for part time jobs in Newcastle to supplement your income or help you get back into the workforce, then you’ll already be hitting the job sites that focus on part-time employment. And there’s no doubt that searching online has transformed the way we look for work. But how do you know that the site you are using is reputable and is safe and appropriate to use?

Here’s a handy five-point checklist to help you choose the best job sites for the perfect part-time job for you.

Find The Best Part-Time Jobs With An Online Agency - Your Five-Point Checklist

1. Google It

What does Google have to say about the website you’re thinking of using? If it appears high up in the listings and has positive reviews, then assess the quality of the job listings – if everything works for you, then it’s safe to start searching. If anything sets alarm bells ringing, then it’s not the site for you – move on.

2. Ease of Use

The most important question to ask yourself is how important a website is to use. Can you find jobs that interest you quickly and easily by specifying keywords – for example, does ‘part time jobs in Newcastle’ return suitable jobs in that area? Are there handy keyword choices or drop-down menus to help you? When you’ve found something you like the look of, is the application process straightforward? Is it easy to upload a CV? Any reputable job-search website will have easy-to-follow help and FAQ sections. If you find anything confusing or you’re not being offered suitable vacancies, move on.

3. Up to Date?

A reputable website will make sure that all their job offers are up to date. Try to look for offers posted directly by employers rather than through agencies, as a direct applicant generally stands a much better chance of being seen. If many of the jobs were posted ‘today’, then you should start to be suspicious – and move on.

4. Email Alerts

You aren’t going to be able to spend all day every day searching and refreshing a website, so being able to set up email alerts – which will let you know automatically when a suitable vacancy appears – is a really important weapon in your job-search arsenal.

5. Your CV

With a reputable job-search website you should be able to do several things with your CV. First, make sure the site you’re using allows you to upload several different CVs tailored to the types of opportunities you’re interested in – one size definitely doesn’t fit all. Next, you need to check that you can edit or update your CV – you’ll find that you’re always thinking of ways to improve it. Finally, make sure that you can delete your CV when you’ve found that all-important part-time job.

By following this simple checklist, you’ll be well equipped to choose the reputable website that works best for you. Before long, you’ll find that part-time job you’ve been searching for.