Are These7 Common Myths About Essay Services True or False?

Are These7 Common Myths About Essay Services True or False?More and more students turn to essay services these day, and as the popularity of such companies grows, so does the controversy around them. Professors hate them, some students love them, while others simply don’t know what to believe. Let’s have a closer look at the 7 most common myths surrounding academic writing services and see if there is any truth behind them!

  1. You Can Easily Detect Frauds 

False. As in any other industry, there are great professional as well as frauds in the essay writing business. Many think it is easy to spot the shady ones just by having a look at their site, but that’s not the case. Many frauds go to great lengths to ensure they look trustworthy – and succeed, if you’re not careful. Luckily, there are third-party essay service review sites such as Top 10 Writers, which spend a lot of time analysing assignment help companies in and out to assess which ones you can truly trust.

  1. Good Essay Services Will Cost You an Arm and a Leg 

Not necessarily true. Some renowned companies may, indeed, take advantage of their name and overprice their services, knowing they’ll still get clients thanks to their reputation. However, there are numerous great assignment help services that practice fair rates and even offer discounts for returning customers – you just need to have a little patience and look for them.

  1. Essay Services Send You the Same Papers They’ve Used for Other Clients 

Mostly false. While there may be some reckless enough to do so, not many would risk their reputation and trick you into buying the same works they’ve created for other clients. There are some that sell pre-written papers for just a few bucks, but they usually do it upfront, so you know right from the start what you’re paying for. The best, however, will craft you an original custom paper to fit all your requirements.

  1. Using Paper Writing Services Will Get You in Trouble with Your Professors 

Partially true. Yes, if you aren’t careful and you use a shady service like the ones you’ve mentioned earlier, you may get in trouble. But, if you use true professionals, your teachers will have no way of telling the paper you submitted isn’t written by you.

  1. Hiring Assignment Help Companies Is Cheating 

It depends. If you take the paper provided and simply submit it as your own work, indeed, that means cheating. However, if you read it carefully, edit it, change it to suit your style better, you learn a lot from it without even noticing and you still spend some time working on it – thus, the paper has reached its goal, helping you learn, and therefore you can’t really say it’s cheating.

  1. Essay Services Use Only Native English Writers 

False. Because of the huge workload involved, many don’t have enough in-house native English speaking writers and hire freelancers to help out. However, even if these freelancers aren’t native speakers, it doesn’t mean their work is not as good – they are carefully screened before they are accepted and the best companies have in-house editors to ensure all work is flawless.

  1. Using Essay Services Hinders Your Education

False. Such services can be of great help when you are overwhelmed by assignments, freeing up time for you to study for the subjects that truly matter to you. Furthermore, they can help you better understand how various papers must be approached, helping you to improve your own writing skills.