What Is The Highest Earning Jobs For New Graduates?

After we finish our graduation, in any subject, the first question that lands up is what’s next, job or higher studies. The majority of pupils head for jobs, but remain uncertain which job to choose and how fat will be their pay packets. Although the world has progressed and lots of new subjects like animation, photography, fashion designing have started receiving fair share of recognition, still the engineers, doctors and lawyers are the highest paid bracket. The reason behind such a success saga is the demand, which always remains higher for skilled engineers and experienced doctors. According to the latest report on America’s top paying jobs, the healthcare department is the undisputed leader with six figure salaries.

What Is The Highest Earning Jobs For New Graduates?

Dream Careers

The doctors are known as saviours, for they have the capability to save a life. This is one profession which can be practiced as a service to mankind and also has the capacity to add on the zeroes in your bank account. After, the doctors the lawyers earn big in any country, as there are more law breakers than lawmakers, every year large number of openings across industries with high salaries, makes it an attractive career option. With the growing economy, the need for engineers, are equally progressive and the number of engineering graduates passing each year is also on the high. Petroleum Engineers alone are said to witness growth of 26% by the year 2022 and their annual mean salary stands out at more than $147,000.

The Research and Development Manager doesn’t stand aloof, for it offers good growth and thick pay packets in the long run. With the world coming together in one place through the common platform called the “Internet”, the demand for Software engineers and developers keeps accelerating and is expected to grow 17% in ten years. The job of a Strategy manager is equally fulfilling as they tend to foresee the company’s plan for partnerships and growth. They are involved in decision making so that the company can earn good amount of profits. Since, the role is challenging the salary is figuratively high.

The Information technology experts are also in huge demand as they are the ones who are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of all hardware and software related activities and protection of office networks from security threats. The role of a Marketing Manager is indispensable in any organization, as they are the representatives of the company’s brand among its customers. They are one who interact and become the face of organizations; they are the first point of contact with customers. The reason behind their high salaries is justified through the nature of work.

The Thinkers

Graduates looking for a career that is away from the normal league of job opt for service like Podiatrist. The Podiatrist is the specialist of feet and ankles, they treat all kinds of feet related issues like ingrown toenails to sprains and fractures alike. They are well paid at par with any engineer or a manager. Although, the job requires attending medical school and pass a licensing exam to be certified as a Podiatrist. With plenty of opportunities available, one can choose the kind of work one has an interest and would like to build up his career.