Online Tutoring: Boon or Bane?

Why is online tutoring gaining such popularity as a method to add to your education? Why isn’t school enough? Is there free tutoring available? How do you arrive at a good decision when it comes to paying for online tutoring? What factors go on to make that decision easy for you – tutor profile, tutor experience and expertise, comfort level with the tutor, cost-effectiveness, time and convenience? Is there more?

School can sometimes make life hard – the endless lessons, reams and reams of assignments, homework, class discussions, keeping your eye firmly on the goal of good academic performance, planning for the future, wondering who to talk to but not finding one person who can give you dedicated time and attention. School is fun, no doubt – friends to meet up with, new connections to make, music and the gym and making the swim team, clothes to buy, the smell of new books – but added to all this is the plain and simple fact that school can be tough: which is why you need online tutoring to gain an edge in your education.

Online Tutoring: Boon or Bane?

You might be looking for a biology tutor or an English tutor – someone to teach you natural sciences or to help you understand punctuation and grammar rules better. And free tutoring can be appealing at first, but over time, you come to realize that quality tutoring and free don’t go hand in hand most of the time.

How to Choose Online Tutors

When it comes to choosing online tutors, remember these key points:

  • Is it an established tutoring service? Have they been in operation for at least a few years?
  • How are tutors chosen? What are their standards in pedagogy? Do they undergo certification in tutoring so as to give you the confidence you need in choosing them?
  • What kind of online tutoring service is this? Do they take into account your time and convenience, and can they schedule sessions accordingly for you?
  • Are there subject-specific tutors you can connect with, say biology or English?
  • What are the added benefits to their tutoring program? Worksheets, test prep, grade level tutoring, tutor availability as per your preference, student record?
  • As an added value, once you have undergone a few tutoring sessions with them, do they offer you ways in which to design your learning packages that give you even more bang for your buck?

One of the key online tutoring services that encompasses all these requirements and is found constantly adding to its student-friendliness quotient is eTutorWorld. They satisfy ALL the above the requisites, and customer feedback has been consistently great. They also offer the FIRST lesson free so you can gauge for yourself if it works for you. All you need to do is create an account and schedule your first free lesson in a subject of your choice to make a connection with a world-class tutor. Online tutoring IS a boon, anyway you look at it.