A Chemistry Tutor’s Worst Nightmare

Chemistry tutors are expected to teach their students well. Parents and students have expectations from the chemistry tutor and the main ones is to help the student pass the test or have higher grades in school. Some may feel that since they hired a tutor, they are supposed to pass the test or to have good grades automatically. The ultimate goal of a chemistry tutor is to have his students achieve their goals. Though most of you have done your best to help the students, there are some students who fail their exams or who still have low grades. The following are a chemistry tutor’s worst nightmare:


Your Student Is Not Focusing In Your Classes

No matter what you do, there will just be some times when your student is having difficulty focusing in class. This happens a lot, and getting angry with your student is not going to help. Talk to your student and let him know the importance of having him focus in your classes. It would help if you could make your class fun for him without taking away the core importance of each class. Students will not be able to resist fun and exciting classes. You will be able to capture their attention if you make your class exciting and interesting. On your experiments, make them feel amazed about it. A student’s attention can be easily caught with interesting stuff.

They Fail To Do Homework Or Any Task Assigned To Them

It can really be frustrating when a student doesn’t do their homework or the assigned tasks you give them. There might be a valid reason as to why your student missed doing his homework. If this happens sparingly, then you can give the student a chance to do again the next day. But if he fails to do every homework you give, then you need to inform the parents about the situation. You also can try the reward strategy. This strategy doesn’t have to just be money. You just have to think of a good way to reward the student if he does his homework. It is a motivational strategy to reward him if he will do his homework. Giving punishment is not as effective because this often results to the loss of interest by the student. Instead, you can find simple ways to reward your students to motivate him.

They Couldn’t Take Criticism

There are students who just couldn’t take criticism. They don’t want to hear that they are doing something wrong. You wouldn’t want to hurt your student’s ego or pride. It is natural for students to feel bad when they hear a criticism. You must learn to give criticisms to your student without making it sound bad. Instead of criticism, try other ways to tell them what is wrong and encourage them on how they will be able to make it right. Give motivations rather than criticism so that your student will not hate you. You will be able to let him know what needs to be improved by pointing out what he needs to do rather than what he did wrong. You should also make sure to always tell him what he did right.

They Fail To Do Their Part

The student should always help themselves as a part of this process. They need to study hard. Attending each and every class is very important. In chemistry, there will be a lot of memorizing to do and if they fail to do this, it would be difficult for them to understand the subject. Point that out to them. Give them tricks and strategies on how they can memorize easily. Play a game that will help them memorize.

As a chemistry tutor, there are different problems that might occur while having classes with your student. You couldn’t expect them to behave the way you want them to. It would be up to you to encourage them. You need to make them understand the importance of their studies. Make them interested in your classes. Motivate them and avoid boring classes. Make them look forward to each class. Make them understand the importance of their participation in your classes.