The American Education System Is Getting A Failing Grade


US educational system is not one of the most effective academic mechanisms.Following are the fundamental reasons behind growing inefficiencies of US educational system.

The American Education System Is Getting A Failing Grade

  1. The Academic System of USdoes does not invite Parents to Participate

Parents are natural leaders of their children and therefore, they do have significant political and inspirational powers over their kids. The educational system of US does not invite parents of the students to participate in the educational career of their offspring and therefore, students cannot possibly receive reinforcement of knowledge from their homes, to say the least.

  1. FailingSchools in the US

Students lose hope to receive the formal education because many schools close on an annual basis in the US. Public educational centers die out every year due to lack of governmental support. The government, on the other hand, allows the lowly effective schools to become inactive because of financial restraints they consistently experience after a recession. In this fashion, the educational opportunities for the children are limited.

  1. Schools are overloaded with Students

            Teachers and administrators can not focus on each student because classes become overcrowded due to additional load of students on active schools. Closing schools actually contribute towards increasing number of students in the operational educational centers. Active schools become overcrowded and they cannot pay individual attention to each student.

  1. Overuse of Educational Technologies

Education technologies do not necessarily improve the academic performance of the students.Automated transmission of information does not touch minds of the pupils at a very fundamental level. Computerizedlecturing causes a barrier to developing between professed information and the target audience. In this particular manner, students cannot retain detailed nature of the information presented during the class.

  1. Lack of Entertainment in Gifted Education

Education should offer the students with entertainment.Giftededucational path does not actually do that. Boredom kicks into the personalities of the students and their learning outcomes become insignificant. The element of boredom causes blockages in the learning process of the students to emerge. Educationalists should mix different topics and lecturing methods to keep the minds and souls of students ingrained in the process and journey of learning.

  1. Educational Budget of the Nation is Low

            The educational budget of the nation is low.We try to recover other damaged areas of our society that suffered dreary consequences of the recession in latest years. However, education does not appear to be a pressing issue for us currently.

  1. Shortage of Well Trained Educationalists

            The financial crisis in the department of education causes less and fewer people to join the field of academia. The educational world suffers from the shortage of well-trained and committed educational professionals.

  1. Higher Education Dies in the US

Most of the students who come into high schools pass this level and they acquire an option to proceed further in their educational career. However, successful graduates do not make the choice to embrace their educational future.They consider advanced degrees as challenging and expensive at the same time.

  1. Students go to Prison instead of College

            Some students have the extraordinary temper and that attribute induces them to show unlawful behaviors. Their reckless behavioral tendencies drive them to join prison instead of college.

  1. Growing Educational Gap

            Educational world motivates females to excel in previously male-dominated areas of society. However, the educational community does not respect core competencies of one’s personality. Resultantly, the community does not produce committed professionals. ‘

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