3 Reasons To Study Criminology At College

Criminology programs provide a one-of-a-kind, interesting educational experience that combines aspects of criminal justice, sociology, and psychology into one degree course. You can find many criminology degrees online from reputable colleges such as Portland State University, and those who choose to pursue this topic will be equipped with the tools, skills and resources needed to both better understand and combat crime today. Professionals working in the field of criminology are found in front-line careers in the police and corrections, or behind the scenes in research, and examining both the causes and effects of criminal behavior to come up with solutions. We’ve put together some of the best reasons to choose to study criminology.

3 Reasons To Study Criminology At College

Career Opportunities

If you are hoping for an exciting and interesting future career, you’ll be glad to hear that studying for an on-campus or online degree in criminology will open up a wide range of opportunities for you, with endless choices of criminology-related careers to suit every graduate, whether you prefer working hands-on within the criminal justice system, or you feel that a career in research is the best option for you. One of the main benefits of studying for a degree in criminology is that once you graduate, you can begin putting the main fundamentals of your program into practice almost immediately, regardless of the career path you choose.

Interesting Work

If you’re hoping to pursue a challenging career where something new happens every day, working in the field of criminology could be the perfect choice for you, as many roles in this industry couldn’t be further from your regular 9-5 office job. Many people who work in various roles within the criminal justice system will need to be constantly ready for new experiences, as no two days are the same and you will need to constantly adapt to the changing face of crime and criminals. The great thing about a career like this is that for people who thrive in exciting situations, it will motivate you and allow you to continuously learn new things throughout your career.

Make a Difference

Last of all, if you are passionate about making a difference in your local community and want to be influential in creating better lives for others, working in the criminal justice system is the perfect choice. Regardless of whether you choose to work hands-on with criminals and victims on the front line or work behind the scenes to research causes, effects and solutions, working in this field will provide you with an awesome chance to contribute to how crime and criminals are dealt with in your community, how criminals are rehabilitated, and perhaps even coming up with ways to keep young or underprivileged individuals away from crime and encourage them to do something meaningful with their lives.

If you are looking for an interesting, fast-paced career which has a wide range of opportunities for growth, development, earning potential, and making a significant difference in the lives of yourself and others, criminology is the perfect choice of degree program to study.