New Educational Apps On Google Play Store

How about getting the most powerful, dedicated and hardworking tutor right with you all the time? Well, it would be a dream come true. Isn’t it? Hence, I have listed the researched apps, which tutor you in various educational needs of yours. So that your journey as a student may be easy, fun and exciting where you can keep on building your skills by cementing your career goals further. So that by the time, you pass your college, you get your “dream job” in style. Let’s take a look at the new educational apps on Google Play store.

Learn Chinese – Chinese Skill

The craze for learning foreign languages has been an all time high considering the rising job avenues relating with interpreters, translators etc. Now, the app gives you an exciting angle in your quest of learning Chinese through frequent engagements with a fun angle to it as well. Your listening, reading, writing and speaking skills are tested for consolidating your personality further.

New Educational Apps On Google Play Store


Students are like ‘buds’ who need regular nourishments and counseling so that by the time they pass from school, they have actually become flowers to spread their fragrance with their knowledge. Yes, considering the importance of “counseling” ‘schoold’ is the perfect app which tutors students on wide range of concerns be it the type of college to choose, scholarships to apply along with career related goals etc.

Learn HTML

Considering the importance of developers and software professionals, now you can cement your career goals through the art of learning HTML. Yes, the app helps you to empower yourself with series of exercises for understanding HTML coding. Yes, learning becomes the easiest, if you are using the app.

Learn English Conversation

Do you know the biggest drawback of students these days? Well, it is their lack of English knowledge with regards to reading and writing. Yes, now, “Learn English Conversation” will give a systematic approach to help you practice English easily and effectively on specific areas of pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar.

Study Tips

Well, no one can understand the challenges and concerns of a student who has to remember the entire books before taking their final exams. Well, once being a student myself, I thought to include the app which presents the easiest and the simplest of techniques to give them a relatively easy and systematic approach where learning actually becomes easy for them. Yes, the app also in a way counsels them to have confidence in them as well. Myeducationhub is the best alternative for this app, readers can get all the latest updates on study tips, job tips, career guidance and many more. Make sure to check this app as well.

Final thoughts

Finally, aforesaid are the new educational apps on Google play store to ease your goals further.