What Is The Difference Between TEFL, TESOL and CELTA?

Many centers offer credentials for TESOL jobs overseas, from large companies such as Arlington to more compact, separate companies like I-to-I.  The first questions you should ask yourself are the programs approved and are the certification recognized in nations around the world?  You should sign-up on a course offered by an approved company in order to protected international profession and make certain you are getting the best possible educational costs and support.


Probably the most popular abbreviation, TEFL represents Educating English as an International Language. In concept, a TEFL Documentation is what you want in order to show English in a nation where English are not the local language (Thailand, for example.)


Another very typical abbreviation, TESOL represents Educating English to Audio system of other ‘languages’. For example, if you are a US resident, and you want to show English to a college student whose local language is not English; this is a great certification to have. TESOL and TEFL are used interchangeably in the market at this point.


Lastly, TESL appears for Educating English as a Second Language. A TESL Documentation might be used to show English to someone who lifestyles in an English speaking nation, but whose local language is not English.

TESOL Documentation at a Glance

  • Some programs are approved by an outside body like the Higher education of Instructors or ACCREDITAT, some are not.
  • Cost differs anywhere from approximately 200 money for an English Cambridge online course to $3,000 for an onsite course.
  • Specifications again differ — some will need a finished level, some will not. Usually members need to be at least 18, but there are exclusions.
  • Program will be anything from an easy internet-based Cambridge examination to an extensive on-site course. Look for at least 100 duration of classroom time, as well as at least 6 duration of monitored international teaching.

What Is The Difference Between TEFL, TESOL and CELTA?

What is a CELTA Certificate?

To make things even more complicated, you might have also seen the abbreviation CELTA known as when conversing about becoming qualified. No problem though, it is really a lot less complicated than it seems! You can think of TESOL as the item, and CELTA as a particular product of that item.

In brief, you can certainly have the same stage of planning by participating a TESOL course especially Austria ESL, but the issue is that there is less management and more of a variety of quality within TESOL programs. That does not imply you should toss the concept of a TESOL course out of the question, but that you have to be cautious the course you choose is a thorough and approved one.

CELTA Documentation at a Glance

  • Associated with Arlington University
  • Cost will differ, but estimated $1500-$4000.
  • Course duration is fulltime, 4-5 weeks, part-time 2-3 weeks.
  • Specifications are over 18 and native-level English abilities, usually identified by the make sure meeting.
  • Program is six duration of exercise teaching jobs in Vienna.

Which One is Right for You?

The final point here is, if you take a CELTA course teach in Austria, you know what you are going to get. That has not to say that all CELTA programs are excellent, but you know that they will have to protect a certain curriculum, and conform to the necessities.

With a TESOL/TEFL course, there is a little bit more threat engaged. There are many different suppliers out there, and no one main power in control of management. If prices are a big aspect, you can find less costly TESOL programs out there, but again, be skeptical about offers that sound too excellent to be real.

With both certification, you will want to perform analysis beforehand ensure that that you are registering for a thorough course that fits the needs you are looking for. Study opinions. Do not believe that a company is strong because they give you a CELTA course of English Cambridge, and do not believe that every TESOL Company is a gimmick — the course can also go beyond the Arlington School requirements if it chooses!