Why Do You Need To Learn Xamarin Course?

Mobile applications are becoming the most important thing as far as the current generation people are concerned. These days, mobile apps are used for easy shopping, paying bills, downloading songs, books, hearing songs and business promotions. From the above line, you can understand that, mobile application developers are in great demand now. Xamarin is an Integrated Development Environment that lets you create the reliable and user-friendly mobile applications. Using this environment, anyone can create mobile applications for Android, Mac and iOS.

Why Do You Need To Learn Xamarin Course?

What the course is about?

The Xamarin Certification in Gurgaon is designed to provide the candidates an exposure to mobile app development.This certification course provides the learners the in-depth knowledge about the Xamarin technology and its development model. This course is designed for creating the cross platform app development for the mobile devices, desktops, tablets and will provide the candidates the knowledge to explore platform specific considerations. The participants of this course will also get hands-on training.

From this course, candidates will learn installation, configuration and controls of Xamarin. The candidates will gain the knowledge about the development of cross platform apps by taking this course. This will uplift the application development skills of the candidates. The candidates those who take this course will become an expert and well-versed in the Xamarin platform. So, the candidates can take this course with no hesitations. This course covers the following concepts,

  • Introduction to Xamarin
  • Setup a Mac virtual machine
  • Setup Xamarin on Mac with iOS simulators
  • Basics of the C# language
  • Tools and concepts of C# language
  • Introduction to App number one
  • Sharing common code between iOS and Android
  • Create “Convert My Cash”- an app for currency for iOS and Android
  • Introduction to App number two
  • Connecting iOS user interface to code
  • Accessing the magnetometer on an iPhone and more.

Who can do this course?

This course is mainly designed for the persons those who are interested and aspired in learning about the Xamarin platform. And the following professionals can pursue this Xamarin course,

  • Beginners
  • Programmers
  • Students
  • Graduates
  • Professionals
  • Mobile app developers
  • Professionals of Android platform
  • Web application developers
  • Entrepreneurs

The benefits of learning the course

The participants from this course will learn the following,

  • Understand about the common data access patterns for Xamarin’s iOS and Android platforms
  • Learn how to use Xamarin studio and build mobile applications using C#
  • Learn to write cross platform UI code in a simple and concise manner and run the applications
  • Learn about the basics of testing and publishing
  • Learn about XAML, data binding and controls and how to use them effectively within the Xamarin form applications
  • Learn how to write codes to access the database and application resources
  • Learn how to build native mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms


The prerequisites for thisXamarincourseare,

  • Basic knowledge of OS
  • Good understanding of C# language and .NET programming concepts
  • Basic knowledge of Object Oriented Programming