5 of the Best MBA Specializations that Offer Financial Freedom

When you make the decision to go for that master’s in business administration, you are most likely looking for a career with a future. You are looking to gain a certain amount of financial freedom, which means making a better than average salary, and in a field that offers the most room for growth. However, how do you want to pursue that degree? Do you want to study on campus or online?

5 of the Best MBA Specializations that Offer Financial Freedom

Questions to Iron out Prior to Enrollment

Ask the university where you would like to study the following two questions:

  • Can online MBA pursue a specialization?
  • Does the online MBA have any residency requirements?

Since the school you wish to attend may not be local to where you currently live and work, and since you don’t want to stop working while you pursue your MBA, it is important to understand any state or university residency requirements before you apply for admission into grad school. Once you have those answers, it’s time to think about that one specialization that strikes you as being the career path you want to follow for a financially secure future with room to grow to the point of financial freedom.

1. MBA in Marketing

Marketing is huge and with today’s hi-tech online approach, this is one MBA specialization that can take you quickly to the top of your field. Whether you want to work in the financial analysis of markets or want to run your own marketing company, this is one industry that can quickly have you earning that seven figure income.

2. Health Services Management/Administration

Healthcare is in crisis on a number of levels from affordability to the lack of doctors and nurses. As a result, health services administration is a key player in the industry going forward. Not only will someone with an MBA be responsible for helping to create and maintain a budget, but their role in recruiting the medical professionals needed for that facility is critical. Do you see yourself running your own clinic one day? You don’t even need to be a doctor to own a health clinic! An MBA with a specialization in health services management will help you prepare to do just that.

3. Accounting Master in Business Administration

It is no secret that good accountants always have work, and that great accountants rake in the bucks. A person with an MBA specializing in accounting can go into business on their own, which offers a great deal of incentive to succeed.

4. International Business Finance MBA

With more and more companies operating on a global level, someone with an MBA and a focus on International trade can earn a huge amount of money. Even working for global enterprises can net a figure beyond what you can imagine at this time, so take the time to seriously consider this specialization if you have dreams of financial freedom in your future.

5. MBA in Finance

Then there’s the finance specialization. Here is where you learn about the financial markets, domestic and international. You can focus even more narrowly on international finance, money markets, investment analysis and anything related to corporate and personal finance.

These are just five of the specializations within an MBA program, but they are five of the surest careers that have room to grow towards a lucrative future and the financial freedom you are looking for down the road.