9 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Freelance Writer

Hiring a freelance copywriter has its advantages, one of the most obvious is that they cost less than a full-time employee. Another is that a freelance writer often has experience in different industries or industries. However it is also a decision that has its risks, and the biggest is to hire the wrong freelancer, which will be reflected in the quality of your blog.

That is why when hiring a freelance writer or blogger, it is important to ensure that you are the right candidate to fill your blog or website with quality content and thus attract visitors interested in your product or service. For this from two ago we bring you nine questions that you must ask to make sure that you are dealing with the freelance writer you need.

9 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Freelance Writer

First, the bases

These three questions will give you a better perspective on the experience and knowledge of the freelance writer. If the candidate manages to answer these questions in a fluid and precise way, it means that he has the necessary experience to know what he has to say for each topic. On the contrary, if the answers are vague or generic, you might be dealing with a non-specialist writer.

  1. What kind of content do you do?

It may be that some freelance writers perform excellent jobs when it comes to writing a white paper or a research paper. However, they may find themselves in trouble when it comes to writing a more compact article whose purpose is to increase the traffic of your Blog or website.

In this case, the important thing is for the candidate to explain what kind of content he creates, whether it be press releases, articles for blogs, ebooks, books, business proposals, manuals, etc. A good freelance copywriter can create almost any type of content, however, what interests you is to evaluate what content is focused or which has more experience.

  1. What industries do you write or have you written about?

Usually, a freelance writer has knowledge and experience in various industries, but if in your CV or during an interview the candidate ensures that he can write about any industry, he may not have any specialization. What you are looking for is not someone who can write about anything, but a great writer on the subject that interests you.

  1. Describe the writing tones with which you are most related

Great writers also have great ability to adapt. If you have a blog or you are about to open one, the first thing to do is define the tone that you will use in your blog. You might decide for a casual, humorous, relaxed or serious tone. If your candidate dominates the different tones, then we are on the right track. The decisive test would be to ask the candidate to adapt a text of your choice to a predetermined tone.

Decisive factors

A freelance writer must be able to work in different environments and must have the ability to develop various types of content. To ensure your capabilities, you can ask the following questions.

Are you good at interviewing?

Interviewing is not always seen as part of the content creation process. However, it is an excellent tool to attract not only those interested in a subject but also those interested in a person. Keep in mind that it is always interesting to have the opinions of the leaders of your industry, experts in the field and clients. It is therefore important that your candidate feels comfortable doing interviews through various channels. Whether on the phone, social networks or in person, the fact is that they have the talent to capture the opinions and impressions of the interviewees and create quality content.

When it comes to writing interviews or press releases, it is worth asking if the freelance writer has contacts within the industry. This can be a good plus.

What is your research methodology?

There is no writer who should not do some research before writing about a topic. In this aspect, what you want is a professional that in addition to having a research method learn from previous experiences, which will enrich future articles.

Some details that may help you is to ask the writer how he usually learns about products or technological advances in different industries. In your answer, you will see what kind of sources you cite and how you go deeper into the topics.

Do you know how to optimize texts for search engines?

It is not necessary for the writer in question to have done an SEO tutorial, but it is indispensable that he knows how to optimize a text to capture the highest number of visits by the search engines. It is useless to write the best content if it does not reach the right audience.

Describe the anatomy or format of a good article

The format of an article depends on the style of the blog or medium of publication to some extent. However, there are fundamental elements that can not be missing. For example:

  • Images to illustrate an idea
  • Know how to break large blocks of text with spaces
  • Master format elements such as bullets, lists, and graphics
  • Know to include elements of call to action or call to action
  • Break down content into sections or steps, etc.

Keep in mind that what you want is a writer that will deliver the final product and thus save you the longest possible time.

Ability to coordinate schedules

If you have found a freelance paper writer for hire who has successfully answered the above questions, it is time to ask him about the way he works. This will tell you more about your level of commitment to the profession and your availability for your blog.

What are your work schedules?

Try to get information about whether the writer is a full-time freelancer or does it in his spare time. You can also set up agreements in advance to get the most out of your time.

Describe the typical review process

A freelance writer should be accustomed to reviewing his work, and for that, he must have a formal process. You should also be willing to perform the reviews that you require, especially at the beginning of the relationship, when you are still adapting to work.

Final note

If a candidate has surprised you with your answers, it is not yet time to hire him. Ask for recommendations and samples of your work. Above all, it is important that you focus on the opinions of past employers, issues such as punctuality, responsibility, work ethics, etc. These are the indicators that will help you choose the right writer for your blog.