Career Perspectives Of Genetic Engineering

Genetic Engineering is highly advanced and complicated branch of engineering in recent times that includes a wide spectrum of the approach used in modifying the genetic material in the DNA code in a living structure.

Initially, genetic engineering was considered as a sector of biotechnology, but with recent diversity and developments genetic engineering has come out as a definite subject of study with many streams and sub-domains to follow.

Career Perspectives Of Genetic Engineering

Scope of Genetic Engineering

There is a wide range scope for genetic engineering has there is a rise in demand for genetic engineers in a nation as well as abroad. It even offers several outlets of study and research. As far as genetics is concerned, they are mainly three basic study streams.

Animal Genetic Engineering: It is yet a promising field of genetic engineering. Through fossil reconstruction, many scientists and researchers are attempting to inspect a few extinct species and they are even trying to preserve the DNA of endangered species by trying to develop animal genetic engineering.

Plant Genetic Engineering: It mainly deals with the agriculture industry. It is mainly concerned with alteration of plant genome in a way that it offers desired characteristics to it. It may involve the development of seedless fruits, resistance against disease, increased production potential and developing the nutritional content of the agricultural products.

Human Genetic Engineering: It is an upcoming field that aids many healthcare professionals to tackle many deadly diseases at the base level. So far this technique has been successfully adapted to stamp out hereditary health problems. This has been achieved by introducing normal genes which act as a replacement for damaged ones.

Career Prospects for Genetic Engineering

Since genetic engineering is still evolving, most of the work is available in the field of research and development. Some of them are stated below:

  • Agriculture Sector: Here engineers are hired from agriculture development sector to develop genetically modified food products such as seedless fruits, high yielding seeds and other similar products.
  • Research Laboratories: Entry level positions are offered to genetic engineers graduates at reputed biological and medical research centers.
  • Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies: This is one of the biggest employer platforms for a genetic engineer when it comes to the private sector. They are appointed as research agents whose role is to develop innovative and new techniques that help in agriculture and healthcare sector.

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