The Increasing Need For A Staffing Company

If you’are running a business and handling a rapidly growing interested job seekers list, or if you are a prospect searching for good jobs, you can’t underestimate the significance of dealing with staffing companies. Both employees and employers can benefit from the offered services by the agency, and in this period of higher unemployment as well as fewer openings for a job, you need each edge you can obtain. In the past three (3) years, the US has gone from getting an unemployment rate of about 7% to one that’s more than 10%. The “experts” declare that will finally come down, however, you have to deal with today’s realities, not tomorrow’s hopeful projections. There is little evidence that the economy will improve.

The Increasing Need For A Staffing Company

The United States job market and other developed countries have evolved in past years as the world has already shrunk. Outsourcing production and manufacturing work is not a strictly the U.S practice. European countries are doing it too, and so are the numerous Middle East powerful economic powers. Great Britain has also gone from the main manufacturing hub to a country of white collar jobs as well as low income, incompetent labor positions. Job prospects for new college graduates are few as well as far between. That is why the services of staffing agencies are becoming increasingly crucial. If you do not have somebody doing the footwork, your chances of landing a great-paying job in a country are nearly non-existent.

Why Then Should A Company Hire You?

Now, if you consider it, that your hour-long interview just boils down to a simple question. Why should your prospective employer hire me? For that issue, why would anybody even grant an interview to you? There’re hundreds of candidates applying for that same position you applied. Why should I be different from the others? Now your job as an individual looking in securing a position is to make yourself appear as interesting as you can from the time you apply. This is not like days gone by as each applicant will be interviewed. There is a screening process right now. Do you really know how to get via it? A staffing company does.

Knowing the Job Market as well as Selecting Your Profession

There’re jobs which have been regularly secure for many years which are gradually disappearing now. Remember the commercial for a Maytag repairman that had to just take side work since there was nothing to do? Now, his job did not disappear because the devices were so reliable they did not need to be fixed. Maytag was absorbed by Whirlpool as well as Whirlpool outsourced their entire production to Southeast Asia. It is much cheaper to purchase a new dryer or washer than pay a repairman to simply fix the old one. If the training and the job experience is in the field of an appliance, you need to get another line of work. Know what is available before looking for a job which is not there.

Generally, staffing company has training programs, which definitely has a better grasp of the professions are in need and which to be away from. “Automobile jobs are really considered a dead end now, however, health care is truly booming.” That is a general statement you will hear from people who do not have a clue what is going on.