A Mini Guide To Understand The Ontario Provincial Nominee Program

The Ontario provincial nominee program stands for PNP and the main idea behind this program is to give the opportunity to people who have desired skills and are interested to become the permanent residents of Ontario. This procedure is very simple and easy to understand that is there are people who have great skills and work experience and as Ontario offers a good standard of living these people show the desire to become permanent resident of the province. This is because this will enhance their own standard of living and moreover will add to the economic development of Ontario. It is great step by the government officials of Ontario to give qualified immigrants the opportunity to have a better job and boost the economic growth of the province. The Ontario provincial nominee program was officially called the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program. The PNP has undergone few changes in 2018 and the new provincial nominee program has six divisions mentioned under which the interested immigrants can apply. These six categories are corporate,entrepreneur, international student, French skilled, human capital and the basic general division. So the interested immigrant who is applying for the Canada immigration Ontario provincial nominee program must enlist itself under the above mentioned divisions.

A Mini Guide To Understand The Ontario Provincial Nominee Program

How do the immigrants apply for the Ontario provincial nominee program?

These days everything is on online medium in order to enhance that particular facility and reduce human labor. Thus, the interested immigrants can apply for the Ontario provincial nominee program online. The procedure is very simple, the interested immigrant has to start by making its own express entry profile which is the first step that shows that you are interested in the Ontario provincial nominee program. Now, once all the applications are processed and properly verified by the province of Ontario in collaboration with the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada). The nominated candidates are then informed and sent to the second stage. When a candidate goes to the next stage his score under the comprehensive ranking system is increased and then his overall score increases which raises his probability of receiving the Invitation to apply. Now the verification at the first stage takes place after thorough study of the immigrant’s skill and work experience.

Benefits of the Ontario provincial nominee program

The Ontario provincial nominee programis a very different program that has been initiated by the province of Ontario. It is a great move to stabilize ones’ own economy by taking in skilled workers and persons who are deeply interested in becoming the permanent residents of the province of Ontario. This program opens window to all those people out there who are keen in getting a higher standard of living. The application procedure has been made very simple as everything is online. The nomination takes places considering many factors but the first step is open to all interested people.It is a great step towards economic development by giving permanent residence to immigrants who will boost the growth of the province.