How To Conduct A Secure Online Proctored Exam

Nowadays, online proctored exams are becoming the major norm due to its flexibility and ease. Most of the exams are now being conducted with the help of proctored exam centers. But there are some challenges involved in availing the exam proctoring services, such as the invigilation of the online proctored exam, as it is being conducted in multiple locations.

The process of the online proctored exam is quite cost-effective and it allows the individual to take several certification exams entirely from your own computer. The exams are conducted through software that allows it to be monitored by a human proctor through screen sharing. But how can one individual prepare for the online proctored exam? Let’s delve into that.

How To Conduct A Secure Online Proctored Exam

In advance of the exam, you must ensure that your computer technical requirements are according to the standards. You must also check the webcam and audio requirements. After that, you should test the equipment to see the video speed, the condition of the microphone and webcam. In order to meet the exam requirements, you must ensure your room has the sufficient lighting and clutter-free environment. During the exam, no other person would be allowed in the area. Additionally, you cannot disconnect the camera at any time during the session.

The proctoring should be authentic in order to control the exam centre process in an expandable manner. Earlier in traditional exam there used to be an invigilator present in the room to validate the individuals for the exam. Now, the human proctor can get an overview of the complete exam process of the students while monitoring all the activities with greater ease. Traveling and other expenses can be reduced as a result. The human proctor can initiate a live chat with the individual who is appearing for the exam and he or she can postpone the exam if that individual is cheating during the exam. There’ll be a live streaming view of the individual to make sure the identity of the individual is authentic. The invigilator also verifies that the person isn’t getting any further help during the exam session.

Several different strategies are used to conduct online proctored exam to ensure safety. The availability of exam proctoring services is truly an incredible opportunity to offer a learning experience to everyone. However, it is a tedious process and it also includes some challenges. To handle these challenges, you must carefully weigh the pros and cons of the exam proctoring services in order to avoid any problem. You should also check your ongoing budget and makes sure the students also learn about the requirements of the online proctored exam to have an understanding. Additionally, the online proctoring has to consider such students who don’t have full access to a webcam and high-speed internet. Not everyone has access to such computer and alternate services should be there to help in such scenarios. A careful evaluation would help to avoid any fraudulent activity and keep the integrity of the exam.