‘Introduction To Human Resources’ Courses

If you have recently found yourself looking at HR courses in London and are still unsure as to whether it is for you or not, do not worry, we think that we have a come up with a solution for you! Introductory HR courses such as ‘An Introduction to Human Resources” are growing in popularity each an everyday – These courses are typically only 1-5 days long and can really provide people with everything they need in order to make a decision as to whether a career in HR is really what they want.

‘Introduction To Human Resources’ Courses

General Description

Human resources are essential to every organisation therefore it is an area that boasts a multitude of career opportunities. Introductory HR courses are both designed to provide people with an insight into what working in HR is like, as well as providing people with the initial knowledge to get started.

These courses tend to focus on the best practices in employment selection and recruitment as well as focusing on training techniques that can help to build employees experience and skills. Other things that can be included range from appraisal overviews and managerial theories.

Course Content 

Each of these courses vary from location to location but some of the content that can be expected to be seen within the majority of introductory HR courses include:

  • The principles if human resource management
  • The principles of HR planning
  • The recruitment and selection of employees
  • Training and professional development of employees
  • Employee/management relations
  • An overview of employment law
  • Motivation of employees
  • Concepts of HR compliance
  • Managing employees and coaching them to high performance and success
  • Organisational culture and fitting in with the culture
  • Appraisals and objectives
  • Team working and relations within an organisation

Who Should Attend?

As earlier mentioned these courses are perfect for those that are considering starting a career in HR, however they are also good for many other people including but not limited to the following:

  • Those that are new to the HR industry and looking to gain more knowledge
  • People already working in HR looking to consolidate their know
  • People with other jobs such as PAs, office managers and admin assistants, who encounter HR functions regularly


These courses are designed for people that want to learn more and that are not only bothered about gaining extra qualifications. However with this in mind, you do get a qualification from these courses, and they can lead in to gaining even more as they are often taken on board when applying for jobs and other related courses.


Luckily for all these courses are typically incredibly affordable, with prices starting from as little as £299. This means that everyone can take part, and many employers are also happy to pay for their staff member to participate, as after all it benefits the entire company.

What do you think?

If you think that one of these courses could benefit you, we would definitely advise that you take the plunge – After all you really have not got much to lose. Short and inexpensive, these courses are ideal for all, and most people that take part, never look back!