Ways To Deal With Performance Appraisal Blues

Not happy with your performance review and feedback? There are ways you can deal with the performance appraisal blues. Here are a few tips:

Seek Support:

Don’t judge your boss if you do not agree with your feedback. Instead of being defensive, ask for data to support your argument. Your manager and organization are also interested in your overall growth and development, seek support which will help you achieve just that.


Do self-assessment honestly to understand your performance gap areas. If you feel you have done a job well, and if your manager has a different view, then ask yourself which could be the gap areas for you to improve upon. If you feel re-skilling or up-skilling can help you perform better in the long run, then be honest about the same and ask your manager to help you with the same as well.

Don’t be Defensive:

The first step after your performance appraisal is not to be defensive as it can have a negative impact on your career. Also, don’t lose self-confidence if you have received a negative feedback from your manager. There are ways to overcome a difficult time. One of the ways is to sit for another meeting with your manager after your review to discuss your mutual intent and your expectations. Setting the right strategy will help you overcome any negative thoughts about your manager and the organization as a whole.

Create Positive Environment:

Do not crib about the negative feedback. If you have honestly self-assessed and know that your manager has not given you the right feedback, then, clearly communicate the same with him/her to reach a mutual agreement.

Ways To Deal With Performance Appraisal Blues

Post-appraisal is the time where almost every firm sees a small percentage of change in their workforce. Many people join and many people leave hoping to get more opportunities in their next job. If you feel you haven’t received a great review from your manager, then do not stop yourself from looking for a fulfilling job. Your next step here should be to look for jobs in Bengaluru or Mumbai or Delhi, or wherever it is you want to move to in order to land your dream job.