Fun and Educational Black History Month Printables

Black History Month printables provide educational resources for use in the classroom or at home. A number of online sites offer Black History Month printables, that you can use for classroom or at-home lessons. The wide range of Black History Month printables available make these resources a great addition to the learning tool kit for children and students of all ages.

The following websites offer educational Black History Month printables.

Teachervision is a website which offers a wide variety of Black History Month printables ideal for children in K-5 grades. Coloring pages, biographies, and printable books are featured at this free site. has printables with information about the Underground Railroad, Martin Luther King Jr., and other Black History Month heroes available. Kids can even print out an “I Have a Dream” booklet.

Teacherplanet is one of the largest sites for Black History Month printables. The large variety of printable activities and lessons make this a one-stop-shop for educators and parents teaching children from Kindergarten through 12th grades.

The site features entire lesson plans, geared to specific grade levels. Printables on topics such as Celebrating Black History Month, Civil Rights Movement, the Underground Railroad, and Rosa Parks are just a sampling of resources available on the website. Links to other sites for Black History Month printable resources are included.


Printable early and fluent reader books about Black History Month are available on this website. A printable Black History Month calendar, Black History timeline, and a printable feature on Black African-American Women are all highlighted at this site. Educators can also print biographies, quizzes, and fill-in-the-blank worksheets on Black History Month topics.


This website offers free worksheets on both the Civil Rights Movement and Martin Luther King Jr. Each worksheet can be used as part of a larger workbook, with featured reading sections and sets of 8 questions for each worksheet. Cryptograms, vocabulary boosters, and word search printables are available at the website.

Black History Month activities at this site include printable quizzes, coloring pages, field trip ideas, and poetry. The poem, “Dreams” by Langston Hughes is located on this site as a printable. Students can also read the story of Martin Luther King Jr. and complete worksheets based on Black History Month lessons.