How to Help Elementary Schools With Funding

One, the elementary school might have hundreds of students to support. Funding for public schools is at an all-time low, however. Matching schools with the proper funds is important so that each student can reach for their educational goals. To fund enriching programs and basic academics, take a look at how you can help your local school. These children can change the world as adults with the proper schooling.
Try the Old-Fashioned Fundraiser
Selling popcorn, gift wrap and other items are simple ways to raise funds. Many companies offer bulk discounts to schools and organizations that are actively fundraising for their programs. Look for fundraisers with a large, profit margin. Popcorn tends to be one of the best moneymakers around. Buying the kernels and flavoring is inexpensive. Charge $1 or more for each popcorn bag. All of the profits should go to the school.
Reach out to Local Businesses
Local businesses want to connect with the community. These connections ultimately make money for them. It’s not unusual for a business to set up an organizational night where a certain percentage of profits goes toward the school. Invite anyone that you know so that the business is packed that day. Restaurants are good examples of businesses that allow these fundraisers. Both the company and organization benefit from an influx of cash. Simply verify any profit-sharing agreement in writing before you advertise the fun.
Look for Government Programs
There are many state and federal programs that are geared toward school funding. Perform some research to see if there are one or two programs that suit your organization. Title One Funding, for instance, can help schools with low-income students. If you’re unsure about a program’s eligibility for a funding opportunity, it never hurts to ask about the potential. That funding organization may say no, but another opportunity in the form of a referral is possible.
Remember that many donations to school-oriented groups are considered tax deductible. Ask if certain programs are supporting a nonprofit organization. With proof of donation, you’ll have a tax write-off that also improves the lives of children in your neighborhood.