Irresistible Engineering Streams to keep students motivated

                         A successful person is one who makes more than he/she can spend

It’s a myth that money can’t buy happiness. That is how the world has been structured and hence, people are racing to find ways to mint as much as they can. Since the measurement of success is in the capital form, let’s look into career opportunities that give students the opportunity to make a mark.

In a country like India with booming middle class, the competition for a good and high paying job is fierce. The general trend of the students in the country has been more inclined towards engineering and medical streams, expecting a stable, well-paying job. This is evident in the number of students taking entrance examinations like JEE, BITSAT, etc.

The option of Engineering:

Engineering is one such stream that many look forward to, with a dream of making it to the top. Examples of engineering students from good institutes getting astounding placement packages give more air to the notion. Not many fall into this category, but average salaries that one can avail after graduating from some of the branches of engineering is still a cut above most jobs available in the market.

Lucrative Engineering Branches:

There have been many stories making round in the circuit on how engineering has lost its sheen in the past few years. The fact remains that there are branches which gives students a chance to explore high remunerating opportunities.

Here are few engineering branches that will motivate students to pursue:

  • Electronics: This is that one branch, that is quickly becoming very popular among the current generation aspirants. Create and design rational circuits to plough a road to success. No wonder that the job is demanding but equally rewarding and secured. One must not only labour through 4 years of extensive study but also complete an insightful project which is relevant in the present scenario. The perks of passing from this branch beside job security is the salary which begins around Rs. 55,000/month and above if done from a good institute.
  • Software: India is a hub for software engineers and there is a good reason why. If a student is tech-savvy, then there is no better opportunity to make pockets heavier, after graduating. The industry is booming and fast moving so getting acquainted with the ever-changing dynamics of the industry is important. If a student can enroll himself/herself in a good institute for the said branch, then he/she can expect a remuneration of Rs. 60-65000/month and above. Now, what can be better than that?
  • Automobile: The fast and furious generation are now more and more inclined towards this new branch of engineering stream. If one doesn’t mind oil and lubricants in their hands and like to be enthralled with nuts and bolts then there is no better branch to be in. The scope of this branch is now catching up in India and the opportunities across the world are ever increasing. If a student knows his/her stuff, then one can expect a job in big conglomerates with a good package around Rs. 50-60,000 and above.
  • Civil: With the push for Smart Cities and urbanization on the rise, there is a high demand for Civil Engineers. It’s a great opportunity for one to be a part of growing India and it’s a rewarding branch to choose. If one wants to take home a hefty Rs. 40,000 and above, it’s a good decision to choose this branch and build your career around it.
  • Aero-space: If one lives in a metro then one can tell that the skies are filled with more airplanes than birds. Yes, that’s an exaggeration but one can see the exponential growth in Indian aviation industry. With the growth of an industry comes dearth and demand of talent. This is where students can cash in and make a career in this booming industry. Expect a good package if one can make it to a good institute.


The step forward

It would be a fairy tale if everything was handed in a silver platter. To avail lucrative offers, one needs to get into a top engineering institute and to do so one needs to clear some of India’s most acknowledged exams viz a viz JEE, BITSAT etc.

To be in the crème de la crème in these entrance examinations and get in a top-notch institute, one must compete with lakhs of students across the country. Of course, it’s a tight space to make a mark but if one has the zeal and determination to be in better position than their current predicament, then there is a barrier that is too big.