Top 8 Career Opportunities In The Fashion Industry

Do you have a passion for fashion? Do your friends go to you for fashion advice? Do you love to keep up with the trends? Then you should probably consider a career in fashion. In the fashion industry, the designer has the most important role when it comes to product design.

Everyone wants to get a piece of the fashion industry. Luckily, you don’t have to know how to sew or sketch. There are plenty of opportunities in the fashion industry. Here are just some of the careers you could try, especially if you have a keen eye for style and computer-aided design.

Fashion Design

Fashion design is one of the most popular careers. Designers have complete control over their designs. They may design for high-end boutiques, fashion houses, warehouses, and manufacturers. There are plenty of fashion design jobs available in New York and Los Angeles, as those cities are just two of the fashion centers of the U.S. Fashion designers can choose to freelance or run their own business, or work for large retail outlets.

Fashion Merchandising

Degrees in fashion merchandising could have you working with a buying team to ensure that enough quantities of a particular product are offered in-store at a particular time. They perform this job by studying the industry closely, forecasting trends, and monitoring the sales and performs on particular items. Merchandisers typically work for a brand or retail store each season of the year and may have to perform other tasks, such as sales and promotions.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers usually work on the branding, log, and design production for a product or a line of products. They either work with a fashion brand or a retail chain. They have to follow the development of the product from the first sketch to its final sample. Graphic designers have other responsibilities, such as keeping up with production, ordering materials, communicating with vendors, and sourcing fabrics. It’s imperative that they have knowledge of product specifications and cost analysis.

Retail Buyer

Retail buyers decide which products should be stocked on retail shelves before a particular season. The decisions are typically based on customer demand, season fashion trends, buyer’s market, and the store’s budget. Retail buyers may work directly for the fashion brand or for a retail chain.

Fashion Stylist

Fashion stylists can work independently, for a boutique, or as part of an editorial shoot. Fashion stylists who work on photo shoots assist photographers with capturing their vision for a photo or film and making it come to life. This allows some form of creativity in which stylists have to work with not only photographers, but also fashion editors, publications, advertising, and media outlets. Stylists can also assist individuals with their personal style and wardrobe selection.

Textile Designer

Textile designers often create 2D or 3D designs on a computer-aided design program. They may choose to take a major in interiors or fabrics. It’s imperative that textile designers know about computer-aided design to carry out these tasks. Some knowledge of graphic design is also necessary for this career path.

Fashion Writer

Fashion writers work alongside various media outlets such as public relations companies, magazines, newspapers, blogs, and websites. It’s their responsibility to produce extraordinary editorial copy for the fashion media industry. Fashion writers can work directly for a company or they can choose to freelance their services.

Pattern Makers

Pattern makers have to know about dressmaking, design, and construction to translate a design into a finished product. Most pattern makers sometimes work with other designers to bring a sketch to life. Both parties have to learn how to collaborate and communicate effectively to get the desired result. Pattern makers may also work alongside machinist, sample cutters, and garment technologists before a sample can be approved.

As you can see, there’s more to life than fashion design. There are plenty of opportunities for every type of person. Make good use of your skills and share them with the fashion world. Here are some tips you should keep in mind if you want to work in the fashion industry.

Expect to work hard when you get into the industry. It’s not as glamorous as it sounds. Sure, you get to travel the world and mingle with rich people, but you always have to embrace the business side of it as well. Take on internships to gain hands-on experience and to get your foot in the door. Learn from your mistakes and know that sometimes failure is to be expected.