Best Books for JEE Preparation

Hey JEE aspirants, you can smell JEE in the air, right? We are sure you can because it’s that close now. Preparations must be going on with extreme dedication and will.

But amidst all the preparation, there is one common question that all aspirants ask. That is – ‘What are the best books for JEE preparation’? This is a question which is hard to answer because of obvious reasons.

JEE is one of the toughest entrance examinations of the country. Choosing the right books to study for the exam is an important task for an aspirant. Other than choosing the books, an aspirant must also take mock tests and solve previous years’ papers to understand the exam pattern and improve speed and accuracy.

The correct way for an aspirant to begin preparation for JEE is to find the best books. Before exploring the world of reference books, an aspirant must keep in mind that NCERT books are the core of the exam. The aspirant must be well-versed with NCERT Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics books. Reference books will come to use once an aspirant is thoroughly done with the concepts.

Apart from NCERT, there is a huge number of books available in the market which you can choose to study from. Books made for JEE, are designed in a way that it helps the aspirants crack JEE.  The decision is yours at the end of the day. We are here to help you with answering this burning question.

Let’s try to figure this out on a subject-wise basis. Here is a tabulated list of must-have books if you’re a JEE aspirant:

Physics Chemistry Mathematics
Concepts of Physics Volume I and II – HC Verma Physical Chemistry – Modern Approach to Physical Chemistry by R.C Mukherjee R.D Sharma Objective Mathematics
Understanding Physics for JEE Mains and Advanced – D.C Pandey


Organic Chemistry – Solomon’s and Fryhle’s Organic Chemistry by Wiley Problem Plus in IIT Mathematics A Das gupta
Problems in General Physics – I.E. Irodov (Mainly For JEEA)


Organic Chemistry – Organic Chemistry by Momison and Boyd (Mainly For JEEA) Cengage New pattern Mathematics by G Tewani
Problems in Physics by S.S Krotov (Mainly For JEEA) Inorganic Chemistry – Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J.D Lee


Arihant Publications series by Amit Agrawal
Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick and Walker



Inorganic Chemistry – Modern approach to chemical calculations by R.C Mukherjee (Mainly for JEEA) Coordinate Geometry by S.L Loney (Mainly For JEEA)

What next after books?

Do you think that books are enough? Well, unfortunately, they aren’t because books are just a medium to crack JEE, but preparation completely depends on the aspirant. Study materials provided by coaching centres are equally important to study while preparing for JEE.

Apart from choosing the right books, how would you gauge your preparation after studying those books? For that, you need to take mock tests and attempt previous year papers which help you become completely JEE-ready.

This is where an online platform comes to the fore. It’s a platform where you can take free mock tests on real NTA screen, that too on the latest JEE exam pattern. It provides you detailed analysis of your preparation and helps in identifying your weak & strong areas.

Choosing the right books and then taking mock tests to analyse your preparation is a deadly combo and is worth it. So, don’t allow the JEE blues bog you down. Keep preparing like a champ.

All the best!