Affordable Inventory Management

Affordable Inventory ManagementLoMag is an affordable inventory management program that is extremely useful for the small and medium scaled companies. The program offers an easy way to manage the warehouse so that you are able to run the business efficiently. The application efficiently works on one computer as well as on a number of computers easily.

When the company grows, its warehouse also grows, then it there comes a need to install warehouse management program on more than one computer so that whole warehouse can be managed easily. The price of the program for one computer is PLN 80 net or $32. When you purchase the program, you will get a lifetime license for the program as well as technical support help for 12 months. When you purchase the program online, the invoice and the activation key will be sent you to your e-mail.

The price of the program for two computers is $64 or PLN 160 net, while for 3 computers it increases to $96 or PLN 240 net. So, on addition of one computer the price of the program increases by $32 or PLN 80 net. Thus, if you want to install the program in 5 computers, then it will cost you $160 or PLN 400 net.

Affordable updates

The updates for the programs are also available after 12 months from the date of purchase, but it is optional. The updates will add new features to your program and will also make management faster. The price of the update of the program for one computer is $16 or PLN 40 net, while for two computers it is $32 or PN 80 net. Thus, with an addition of one computer the price of the updates increases by $16 or PLN 40. So, if you want all your five computers updated, it will cost you $80 or PLN 200 net. For one year from the date of purchase basic technical support is provided free of cost