Which Are The Most Popular Courses In College – 8 Courses

There are many reputed collages and educational institutes which provide quality education to children. Trained and experienced faculty is offered at the institute wherein theory as well as practical training is imparted. There are end number of different educational courses running in some leading colleges which impart learning in children via video lectures, practical classes and laboratory work. All this enables the child to learn more in any particular stream.

An array of educational courses to opt from

There are a number of educational courses in the area

–          Business Administration, Finance

–          Accountancy

–          Marketing, Financial Management

–          Information technology

–          Hospitality management

–          Fashion Design and others

These all are courses which are the major industries present in the world and if one has degree in any of these courses, one can easily make an excellent career. The ultimate aim of education is to nurture a person in such a way that can achieve a brilliant career by his knowledge of his own field through the quality education.

The most popular courses in College

  1. Bachelor’s degree In Business Administration: This course is a combination of two important points. It is a course structured in such a way that one becomes eligible for employment immediately after the completion of the course as well as can go for further study of MBA to make a prominent career in the area of general business administration. It has three years duration where the first year is considered as of Diploma in business level. In case a student is not at par in English with other students, he/she is provided for tuition in English too. After one year study the student has to appear in a written examination of 2 hours and secure at least 40% marks to get it clear.

  2. Bachelor’s Degree in Business & Finance:  In this course, the basic structure is same as to Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration course only, but in later phase the student diverts to a specialty in Business and Finance. This course is specifically for those sorts of students who want to take up a challenge and enter the finance field in the future. It gives a complete and thorough knowledge about various sources, modes and many more views about finance and its different theories, forms, etc. The course also opens gates to go ahead for the MBA degree in the future for the aspirant.

  3. Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy:  This course focuses the student on a specific subject of Accountancy and gives a complete view of accounting system of the business. In any business, accounting is the heart. In the initial phase this course is also, as of the BBA but in later stage student is more focused on accounting part. This course enables student for a job in the area of accountancy as well as open the gates for a further degree of MBA also.

  4. Master’s Degree in Business Administration: This course is designed to provide complete knowledge of general business administration so that the student can lead the business world by professional management in the future. The course is of three semesters. The completion of all the three semesters, awards degree of MBA which is highly reputed in the business world. One has to attend three semesters and appear in a written test of 3 hours after every semester to get 50%marks to clear the same. The subjects such as Organizational Behavior, Economics, Consumer behavior, Project Management, Accountancy, Leadership, Marketing, Finance and Strategic planning are taught with written text material as well as in virtual classes.

  5. Master’s Degree in Marketing: This course also awards the degree of MBA with the deep insight of Marketing. It is a known fact that in the modern world to stand in the market and sell anything one has to take support of marketing. This course makes the student a perfect marketing professional with a well planned marketing management. In three semesters the student learns subjects such as Marketing, Market Research, Negotiation, Marketing Communications, International Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Sales Force Marketing, Services Marketing and Principles of Retailing. The course turns the student as a perfect marketing professional. One has to appear in a three hour written test and to clear the same secure at least 50%.

  6. Master’s Course in Financial Management: The course is specifically for those who have deep interest in finance and keen to take a role of a finance consultant in the future. One has to undergo a severe study of different subjects related to finance such as Accounting, Finance, Derivatives, and Strategic Planning etc. Other popular courses are Corporate Governance Planning, Mergers & Acquisitions, Quantitative Methods and also Financial Risk Management. The complete course is designed by experts of the financial world to develop the leadership capabilities in students who can share responsibilities in the world of finance in the future.

  7. Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Information Technology: This course is designed in such a way that one can have command in the area of business administration as well as information technology. It is a three year course which focuses on the skill development of students who can use their skills of business with perfect analysis of data of a business. The student has to clear each year by written examination. It provides a much demanding career in the world of the business.

  8. Diploma in Fashion: This is a worldwide known course which develops a deep insight of fashion industry in the student and can be the first step into the modern world of the same. The fashion industry is one of the most booming sectors and this course makes a student eligible to get an immediate employment in it after the completion of the course.

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